Week 11: Polish Your Jets, Pet Your Dolphins, and Roster Your Rudolphs!

The NFL, not unlike Spinal Tap’s top-of-the-line audio output, goes to 11. And then some, of course, but this week it stops just a few ear-splitting decibels north of 10 as fantasy footballers emerge from the 2019 Byepocalypse to see what condition their team’s condition is in.

And just like every stinkin’ week before this one, your beloved Tres Amigos de Fiesta Los Fantasia Futbol laid down sick beats to jam past the hammer, anvil, and stirrup and through the audio canal into your cerebral cortex like a Q-Tip gone horribly, horribly awry.

That means there were the usual regrets—with bonus non-regrets and pre-regrets to really capture the moment; enough news to bleed “60 Minutes” right into “Murder, She Wrote”, from load management to healthy scratches to what might constitute an unhealthy scratch; and 50/50 teams that have been working more than 60 percent of the time but not quite every time.

Plus, Bo double-dipped work with news and actionable analysis while matching his mood with a beverage much darker than usual; 2V double-dipped the barrel-aged beverages with double-digit ABV content, which thankfully led to more actionable analysis than usual; and Magsh double-dipped with the dolphins and the Dolphins, playing with one and playing the other—both with equal aplomb.

You will not find a podcast more jam-packed with relevance and irreverence, forward thinking and meandering sidetracks, fantasy football insight and stuff that bolds, underlines, and italicizes all three letters of “WTF?”. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may we present without further ado the Week 11 edition of the Fantasy Football Party podcast. Rock on, Garth.


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