Week 12: Bo’s Cooper Kupp Check, Bob “The Grinder” Baker’s Knockout Punch, and Elmer Tarbox’s Tenuous Claim to Fame

Fantasy football podcasts are cheaper by the dozen, but there’s no question you get more than your money’s worth when the Fantasy Football Party podcast drops anchor in Week 12 to float your collective boat with everything you need to treat your league like Rep. Eric Swalwell treats his tighty whiteys. Or boxers. We don’t judge.

They may have smelt it or they could have dealt it, but there’s no denying Tres Amigos los Futbol de Fiesta brought all of the funk to the Week 12 episode, diving headfirst into the deep end of your free agent pool without benefit of a lifejacket and ripping through all the pertinent news so fast only a skid mark roughly the size of Boba Marjonovic’s nose remains.

(Narrator: That’s two sentences, if you’re scoring at home. Or even if you’re by yourself.)

As with anything involving this trio there were regrets, plus actionable intel and lineups built from the dregs of NFL society (talent-wise, no reflection on any with upstanding moral fortitude) along with beer analysis augmented by a web site designed for that very purpose.

(Narrator: Try the Screen Shot Imperial Stout from Prairie Artisian Ales. Trust me.)

Plus, 2V spit mad rhymes—or at least “similarly situated”—while shoe-horning Elmer Tarbox into the conversation; Magsh momentarily set aside his forbidden love of aquatic mammals to pull off the rare Triple Brownie QB/K/DEF stack; and Bo wadded up his Jet regret and launched it into the sun as he went full Gang Green on his 50-50 lineup—setting the table for next week’s Turkey Hole Extravaganza regret a full seven days in advance.

Is it coincidence that there are 12 disciples, 12 donuts in a dozen, and 12 letters in the word “constipation”? Probably. But there’s no coincidence that your best bet for Week 12 success is jamming those Air Pods as far into your ear canal as they’ll go so as to extract all the succulent information that can be gleaned from this week’s edition of the Fantasy Football Party podcast as your hosts do everything within the constraints of good taste (Narrator: and frequently beyond) to brine your turkey hole for fantasy success.


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