Week 13: Handcuffs for the Holidays, Double-Wrapping a Naked Darnold, and Our Annual Hunt for the Turkey Hole

With the Mayflower pulling into port and the turkey hole properly brined and ready for a good stuffing, the Fantasy Football Party bumped up a day so as to accommodate for Friendsgiving Wednesday, family travel, and this week’s Minnesota Snowpocalypse. That’s right, Los Fiesta del Futbol el Amigos Tres sacrificed their own Tuesday night plans for you, the listener, to bring you all the critical fantasy football news you crave to treat your fantasy team like a healthy slice of Grandma Dodo’s pecan pie and your league like your gaping yaw of a mouth.

Yes, your beloved Party-goers braved the weather and the triskaidekaphobia (Narrator: That’s fear of Week 13, if you don’t have your thesaurus handy) to bring you your weekly dose of immediate regrets (non-Sam Darnold version), rosters full of guys at least half of the general populous deems unworthy, and so much news our own Bo Burgundy had to call in Veronica Corningstone for reinforcements.

(Narrator: Was Tits McGee on vacation?)

Plus, Magsh peeled off the clown makeup to reveal his handcuff fetish involving backfields in motion; Bo backed up a backhoe to bury the Rams’ fantasy prospects while double-dipping Dallas in his 50/50 lineup; and 2V kept it dark with a couple of Imperial Stouts of varying vintage while double-wrapping his Darnold, getting wasted, and hooking him up… with Ryan Griffin and Robby Anderson. Get your mind out of the gutter.

In the times of Stonehenge thirteen was a number to be feared, but after digesting this week’s edition of the Fantasy Football Party podcast the only thing you’ll have to fear is fear itself. And Bo showing up to eat all your pumpkin pie. Head over the river, drive through the woods, and do it all to the dulcet tones of the Fantasy Football Party podcast. You’ll regret nothing.


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