Week 15: Peanut Butter Porters, Jam-Packed Injury Reports and Remaking the Jelly-of-the-Month Club

With the penultimate week of any self-respecting fantasy football season upon us, the three wise men who make up The Fantasy Football Party convened once again at JL Beers to quaff ales, break hearts, and make podcast magic.

With witty repartee snapping like Mike Evans’ hamstring, Tres Hombres los Futbol Fiesta Fantasia shared fantasy playoff and DFS regrets to help you the listener avoid similar fates. Delivering gut feelings from guts in far better shape than Calvin Ridley’s (Narrator: round is a shape), our beloved party-goers delivered actionable advice designed to fatten your wallet. And, like Marvin Jones’ ankle, they gave out… only in this case it was lineups jam-packed with players more than half of you could theoretically pick up and put to good use this week.

You had Magsh hip-hopping on the Raheem Mostert locomotive while laying the groundwork for a “Christmas Vacation” reprise (not a remake, a continuation). You had Bo building a gritty, gutty, and sneaky-fast wide receiver corps for his 50/50 team, summing it all up with an Internet meme involving an angry woman (Narrator: She’s not angry, she’s just pointing) and a cat (Narrator: Hey, I know you! I know you!). And you had 2V lamenting the bulk of his playoff teams going udders-up before rallying to give you a never-nude Eli, the Maginot Line of defenses, and the greatest fantasy tight end since J-Lo was a Fly Girl.

It was either Socrates or Sean Payton who famously said, “Worry about your freakin’ meat!” We assume at least one of them was talking about Sam the Butcher, but don’t let that dissuade you from dialing up the podcast you see before you and sucking down its content like it was the last glorious drop from the soon-to-be-slayed keg of Prairie Artisan Screenshot. After all, it’s the playoffs; you need to be at the apex of your game… and this is just the podcast to take you there.


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At JL Beers, come for the new breakfast sandwiches and stay… ah, what the heck, stay until you’ve slayed a keg. Odds are you’ll bump into at least two of the three Party-goers somewhere along the way.