Mackey & Judd

Is Tyler Duffey better than Taylor Rogers? And a scoop with Doogie!

  • Mackey & Judd open the show by breaking down Rich Hill’s outstanding debut with the Twins and then touch on a variety of topics involving one of the best team’s in baseball. This includes the Twins’ bullpen, the success Rocco Baldelli’s team has had in the field through five games and why guys like Hill and Josh Donaldson are so valuable on and off the field.
  • (39:50) A Scoop with Doogie includes the latest on the possible sale of the Timberwolves and Dalvin Cook’s contract situation.
  • (51:00) Joe Kelly’s suspension. How can you not be  angry with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred?
  • (01:02:00) Declan sparks an epic walk-off by the Hubbard softball team this week.