Did KAT earn points after the fight with Embiid? What can the Twins learn from the World Series?

It was fight night last night in Philly and the boys are spending plenty of time today discussing KAT’s big night as well as the World Series and some Sage Football Wisdom.

The boys open the show discussing KAT’s fight with Embiid (1:00) before talking football with Sage Rosenfels in our Sage Football Wisdom segment (30:00).

The second hour begins talking about the World Series before we discuss the punishments handed down by the NBA (54:00). It’s time to honor our QB Cesspool whisperer in this weeks QB Cesspool Challenge (72:00). We wrap today’s show with Reusse (83:00).

In case you missed today’s show and can listen to just one segment listen to today’s opening segment where the boys discussed that KAT/Embiid fight and whether the Wolves big man gained some points with fans, the team, and the league.