Have we alienated America yet? (ep. 114)

The boys didn’t win the big billion dollar lottery so they were forced to return to the pub for some craic and just a little football talk.

Beside not winning a crap ton of money the boys, Cosgrove and Quinno, talked about Manchester City being all too good for just about everybody, United looking good once they became unshackled, and Newcastle getting worse and worse while fatboy in the owners box looks all too pleased with himself. Quinno held John accountable for his predictions and then John went ahead and made some more.

You emailed in and the boys tried their best to answer. John had a bit of a rant about entertainment and sporting events before Producer Jonathan came in and put everyone to sleep. The show wrapped with an almighty return of May I Have a Word and a look at the second division of Northern Irish football.

All that right here on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!