I’m disapressed; Germany still disappointing, Gibraltar on top of the world, Eric Dier tackle (ep. 113)

The boys are back after a week of International games and have plenty of fauna (or is it flaura?) beside them in the Crafty Rogues Private Members Lounge.

Despite travelling great distances, Nashville and Duluth, the boys were still able to get up to no good as they discuss Gibraltar climbing the table, Germany continuing to struggle, and Gareth Southgate impressing John. We get a Last Chance Saloon prediction from Cosgrove in the predictions segment that Quinno makes sure to write down to keep John honest.

Your emails are answered, Cosgrove gets something off his chest, Producer Jonathan gets harassed in the MLS segment, and we close with the return of Your Choice.

All that and more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!