Flagrant Howls

Phil Mackey and Kyle Theige made it through the David Kahn era of Minnesota Timberwolves basketball and lived to tell about it! Be a part of their Timberwolves community. Flagrant Howls, part of the SKOR North network of podcasts, is your destination for Timberwolves therapy, celebration and speculation!

Latest Episodes

New Timberwolves TV voice Michael Grady on his path to Minnesota

New Timberwolves TV voice Michael Grady joins Phil and Kyle to dish his takes on the team, his favorite NBA memories growing up, how he’s watching every single game from last season, and his general approach to connecting with fans!
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Anthony Edwards ready to explode in Year 3 for Minnesota Timberwolves?

Phil and Kyle discuss the potential for Anthony Edwards to experience a Year 3 breakout. According to reports and social media videos, Ant has taken his offseason workouts very seriously! Plus, reaction to a New York Post report that questions Alex Rodriguez’s ability to come up with enough cash to stay in the mix as a future majority owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves.
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The Minnesota Timberwolves broke the system with Rudy Gobert trade!

Phil (from his COVID Cave) and Kyle discuss whether the Timberwolves inadvertently threw a wrench into Kevin Durant trade discussions. Plus thoughts on the Timberwolves’ schedule, Patrick Beverley signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, Michael Grady landing the Wolves’ TV job, and more!
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Picking the all-time Minnesota Timberwolves 15-man roster

Phil and Kyle go into the “war room” and hash out the all-time 15-man Timberwolves roster. Some ground rules: This isn’t necessarily the top 15 Timberwolves of all-time, but rather the most cohesive roster for winning games.

Craig Kilborn talks Minnesota Timberwolves! Rudy Gobert trade, Anthony Edwards’ upside and more

Noted Minnesota Timberwolves fan and actor/TV host Craig Kilborn joins the show to offer up his thoughts on the Rudy Gobert trade, Anthony Edwards’ potential, his five favorite obscure Wolves and more! You may recognize Kilborn from his time hosting The Daily Show, The Late Late Show on CBS, SportsCenter, or from just sitting courtside at Timberwolves games, hoping to snag a free t-shirt. He also told stories about celebrities he encountered during his TV hosting days. Find Craig’s new podcast — The Life Gorgeous — on YouTube, Apple, Spotify or anywhere you find podcasts!
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Is Anthony Edwards the next Dwyane Wade?

Phil and Kyle do a deep dive into the upside of Minnesota Timberwolves star guard Anthony Edwards. Are comparisons to Dwyane Wade accurate? Or is there even another level to his upside? Plus, a crazy hypothetical trade involving D’Angelo Russell and Kyrie Irving, and reaction to Karl-Anthony Towns’ super max press conference.
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The Minnesota Timberwolves are a 50-WIN TEAM, book it!

Phil and Kyle both think the Minnesota Timberwolves are now a perennial 50-win team in the NBA. And don’t sleep on Anthony Edwards’ “prime” window opening up in 4-5 years from now! Also, Gus Johnson as a potential Wolves TV play-by-play man, thoughts on the Austin Rivers signing, and reaction to NBA executives “bitching” about the Rudy Gobert trade!
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Inside info from Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Summer League! – Flagrant Howls

Kyle returns from NBA Summer League in Las Vegas with some interesting tidbits about the Minnesota Timberwolves! Will Josh Minott and Wendell Moore be part of the regular season roster? What was Marc Lore’s role in the Rudy Gobert trade? Plus, discussing Tim Connelly’s first few weeks as Timberwolves POBO and more!
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Rudy Gobert takes Minnesota Timberwolves to a new tier

Kyle is back from his Mexico trip with plenty of takes on the Minnesota Timberwolves trading for Rudy Gobert! Was it a good trade? What do the next 4-5 years look like for the Timberwolves? How does this trade impact Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards? This is Flagrant Howls, a Minnesota Timberwolves podcast!
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Chris Finch: Jaylen Nowell is a HUGE key to Minnesota Timberwolves’ future

Welcome to the debut episode of Flagrant Howls with Phil Mackey and Kyle Theige! Before diving into Chris Finch’s raving review of Jaylen Nowell and his potential impact on the Timberwolves’ future, Phil and Kyle kick around some “get to know ’em” questions about their Timberwolves fandom. Plus, what would you give up in a trade for Dejounte Murray? And what if the Timberwolves make no impact roster moves?
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