Mackey & Judd

Judd Zulgad is a former Minnesota Vikings beat writer, lifetime beer connoisseur and part-time sports conspiracy theorist. Phil Mackey is a former Minnesota Twins beat writer, full-time professional wrestling geek and unofficial ambassador for robot umpires. Find them talking all things Minnesota sports (Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Wild, Gophers, Lynx). Part of the SKOR North network.

Latest Episodes

The debut of We Call You! And Action Movie Rewind: Speed

Mackey & Judd open the show with the NFL reporting they’re kicking around the idea of a 4th-and-15 instead of the traditional onside kick, which is the exact idea Mackey had five years ago!; (14:00) Debuting our new segment: We Call You with Chancey in Fargo; (33:00) Action Movie Rewind of Speed; (01:18:00) Wrap with Reusse.

Mount Rushmore of wrongful coach firings and Write That Down!

It’s Mackey’s birthday! So Mackey & Judd open the show with Mackey feeling older but then they transition to the Cliche Mount Rushmore of talker of the week; (6:00) Who are the four people who are most to blame for Kevin Garnett’s departure from Minnesota; (12:00) Who are the four Minnesota coaches who got screwed; (30:08) Write That Down!; (47:20) Wrap with Reusse.

BONUS: Irrational sports hate

On the after show, Declan explains to Judd his irrational hatred of athletes, coaches and analysts from his youth.

Unchained with Reusse: If you can’t play baseball don’t play

Patrick talks about the death of one of his favorite comic actors and then gets into covering the Olympics. (Yes, they are tied together.) This includes the first time Patrick saw synchronized swimming and his ride up a ski lift in 1984 at the Winter Games in Calgary. Want to know what Reusse thinks about baseball’s return to play plan? You’ll get that as well as Patrick’s latest from the home front when it comes to the Game of Flaws.

BONUS: WrestleMania VII review!

Mackey and Declan recap WrestleMania VII. Our favorite takeaways, the times wrestling made us cry, Undertaker’s debut, the main event of Hulk Hogan vs. Sargent Slaughter, wtf was up with the blindfold match? And our Stone Clod Stunner ranking scale.