Mackey & Judd

Judd Zulgad is a former Minnesota Vikings beat writer, lifetime beer connoisseur and part-time sports conspiracy theorist. Phil Mackey is a former Minnesota Twins beat writer, full-time professional wrestling geek and unofficial ambassador for robot umpires. Find them talking all things Minnesota sports (Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Wild, Gophers, Lynx). Part of the SKOR North network.

Latest Episodes

11/7 Tuesday Hour 1 — Mackey and Judd

Phil and Judd are back with some Packers and Wild talk in the Opening Bell. Matthew Coller joins after that for three segments of Vikings and NFC North discussion.

11/6 Monday Hour 4 — Mackey and Judd

Mike Morris joins Doogie and Chris in studio for the final hour to talk about the Vikings, week 9 in the NFL, and help with Questions of Significant Importance.

11/6 Monday Hour 3 — Mackey and Judd

Timberwolves and Lynx owner Glen Taylor joins the show near the top of the hour. Doogie and Chris continue the Wolves discussion after the interview before Stuff You Should Know About.

11/6 Monday Hour 2 — Mackey and Judd

Doogie and Chris spend a couple segments discussion the reason for the decline of interest in Gopher hockey before Twins GM Thad Levine joins to discuss the beginning of free agency and the MLB offseason.

11/6 Monday Hour 1 — Mackey and Judd

Darren ‘Doogie’ Wolfson and Chris Long are in for Phil and Judd today. They touch on the Wolves and Gopher football in the Opening Bell and stick with the Gopher talk for another segment before moving onto the NFL with Kevin Seifert.

11/3 Friday Hour 3 — Mackey and Judd

Todd Fuhrman joins the show with the Vegas perspective on week 9 in the NFL, we make some Write That Down predictions, and there’s some breaking Colin Kaepernick news to discuss.

11/3 Friday Hour 4 — Mackey and Judd

Matthew and Ben stick with a bunch of Vikings QB discussion and answer Questions of Significant Importance before wrapping up for the day.

11/3 Friday Hour 1 — Mackey and Judd

Matthew Coller and Ben Goessling are in for Phil and Judd today. The guys talk about Deshaun Waton’s injury and a win for the Wild in the Opening Bell before a bunch of Vikings talk the rest of the hour.

11/2 Thursday Hour 4 — Mackey and Judd

The guys continue with some Twins talk to kickoff the hour before Questions of Significant Importance and a Vikings bye week discussion with Matthew Coller.