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Why Minnesota Vikings fan can’t be afraid to draft a quarterback

Should the Minnesota Vikings prioritize draft a quarterback and why they shouldn’t be scared; Vikings defensive coordinator options; Did KOC sabotage the Vikings chances of winning the Super Bowl employing Donatell; Vikings owners are too content and more Vikings feedback!

BREAKING: Minnesota Vikings FIRE Ed Donatell

Minnesota Vikings FIRE defensive coordinator Ed Donatell after one season; Kevin O’Connell announced the move and he’ll now need to find a new DC and learn from his first mistake; Who should the Vikings hire next starting with Mike Pettine, Brian Flores, Jim Leonard and more; Which Vikings players are for sure back next season; Why did KOC and Kwesi Adofo-Mensah just rip the band-aid off at the press conference?

Minnesota Vikings defense is going to be GUTTED

Minnesota Vikings offense will push ahead but the defense should be heading towards major changes and how do they turn it around; Kirk Cousins’ future with the Vikings; Random Vikings of the Week.

TRENCHES WITH BOONE: Should Minnesota Vikings blow the whole thing up?

Alex Boone is NOT happy about the Minnesota Vikings’ playoff loss to the New York Giants. He tees off on Kevin O’Connell, Kirk Cousins, the entire defense and more. Then, Boone’s former teammate Jeremiah Sirles makes a surprise appearance to help explain why the Vikings should consider a full rebuild! At the 30:00 mark, Boone and Sirles break down 10 key plays — including the infamous 4th-and-8 — from Vikings-Giants.

BEFORE WE DIE: Minnesota Vikings DISAPPOINT AGAIN in playoffs!

Another Minnesota Vikings playoff appearance and more disappointment! Who to blame for the Vikings loss to the New York Giants? What changes need to be made going forward? Who is back and who is not? PLUS why was the Vikings defense so bad in 2022-2023?

Minnesota Vikings season is OVER because of coaching

Minnesota Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell ignorance of defense hurt this team; Kirk Cousins’ decision to check down undid all the good for he accomplished this season; Why this was Cousins’ best chance to win a Super Bowl with the Vikings and a Pie chart of Blame.