Reusse Unchained

Reusse Unchained, Reusse on Baseball, and other entertaining clips from legendary Minnesota sports columnist Patrick Reusse, who talks all things Minnesota sports (Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Wild, Gophers, Lynx) on SKOR North. Hear more at

Latest Episodes

Reusse Unchained: Bring on the Guardians

Patrick Reusse has thoughts on the upcoming Twins-Cleveland series, MLB’s pitcher reduction plan and the U.S. Open. Reusse also tells some great stories about the Twin Cities newspaper scene and remembers a Minnesota Town Ball legend.

Reusse Unchained: Twins should issue a Miranda warning

Patrick is on a roll today. Carlos Correa and Byron Buxton not playing in a Saturday home game. Jose Miranda playing first base. Escaping wasps after destroying their nest. This one is a must listen.

Reusse Unchained: How about those Twins?

Patrick talks about the Twins’ surprising success in winning two of three in Toronto and provides a list of positives about this team. Yes, positives! Don’t believe us? Take a listen.

Reusse Unchained: The TikTok phenomenon!

Reusse has thoughts on TikTok and the ever changing social media landscape; The evolution of sending newspaper stories today vs back in the day; Did the Twins win the Josh Donaldson trade with the Yankees?; Reusse thoughts on the movies!; Why home ice advantage doesn’t matter; And remembering Dark Star who passed away 10 years ago.

Reusse Unchained: What a collection of mutts

Patrick reminisces about his early years covering the Twins, discusses the Twins’ hot streak and excessive number of pitchers and has plenty of thoughts on the PGA Championship.