Tommie Talks

Tommie Talks provides an inside look at St. Thomas athletics, where we get to know those who wear the purple and grey. Hosted by the Voice of the Tommies, Corbu Stathes.

Latest Episodes

Gene McGivern, Sports Information Director

This week our guest is Gene McGivern from the Athletic Communications office.  If you’ve followed St Thomas athletics at all in the last 29 years, you’ve seen his work in some form or fashion, and we try to condense it all down into one podcast.

Nate Raddatz, Junior Decathlon – Men’s Track & Field

This week our guest is Junior Nate Raddatz from Men’s Track & Field.  We talk about the mentality you must have in the decathlon, choosing track over football, starting a landscaping company, and much more. 

Marthe Degeorges, Sophomore – Women’s Tennis

This week our guest is Sophomore Marthe Degeorges from the Women’s Tennis team.  We talk about leaving her native France for college, her Olympic bloodlines, why ice cream is better here, and much more.

Avery Wukawitz, Freshman Outfielder – Softball

This week our guest is Freshman Outfielder Avery Wukawitz from the softball team.  We talk about being really competitive in gym class, the art of the stolen base, the long team road trips, and much more. 

Brigs Richartz, Sophomore Outfielder – Baseball

This week our guest is Sophomore outfielder Brigs Richartz from the baseball team.  We talk about choosing between hockey and baseball, going from catcher to outfield, long baseball road trips, and much more.

Hailey Hindt, Sophomore – Women’s Track & Field

This week our guest is Sophomore Hailey Hindt, from women’s track and field.  We talk about growing up in a small town, having a twin sister, meeting a musical superstar, and much more.

Matt Weimann, Center – Football

This week our guest is Center Matt Weimann from the Football team. We talked after he completed his pro day in front of NFL and CFL scouts. We talk about the experience, his time at St Thomas, and much more. 

Luke Manning, Sr Forward – Men’s Hockey

This week our guest is Senior Forward Luke Manning from Men’s Hockey.  We talk about going through basic training at the Air Force Academy, the growth of his team in year 2 of D1, being the locker room music guy, and much more.

Parker Bjorklund, Sr Forward – Men’s Basketball

This week our guest is Graduate Forward Parker Bjorklund from Men’s Basketball.  We talk about running a business in high school, why he had burner phones, going from being a student to a student-athlete, and much more.

Maija Almich – Sr Forward, Women’s Hockey

This week our guest is Senior Forward Maija Almich from the Women’s Hockey team.  We talk about more than doubling her career goals scored this year, math v philosophy, the importance of the cereal aisle, and much more.