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Saturday, March 14th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson finish off their list of cutting edge updates for smart homes. The guys also dive into reasons why your home is not selling and the most expensive mistakes you're making on your home.

Saturday, March 7th

Mike Ouverson fills in for Jason Walgrave this week, and he's joined by Emmett Lynch from the Walgrave Real Estate Group to discuss the incredibly low interest rates that are currently available and who should be taking advantage of those low rates. Mike and Emmett also answer some caller real estate questions and cover the 10 most expensive mistakes you're making on your home.

Saturday, February 29th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson warn you about the top ten most expensive mistakes you might be making on your home. The guys also finish their list of cutting edge updates for smart homes.

Saturday, February 22nd

Mike Ouverson is back with Jason Walgrave to discuss 13 cutting edge updates for smart homes, as well as 11 reasons why your home is not selling.

Saturday, February 8th

Jason Walgrave pores over a list of 11 reasons why your home is not selling and dives into ways to improve your credit.

Saturday, February 1st

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson play fact or fiction by revealing 10 credit score truths and myths. The guys also unveil seven ways you're accidentally improving your credit and 11 possible reasons why your home is not selling.

Saturday, January 25th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson explore the 2020 home improvement projects with the strongest return on investment. Additionally, the guys examine 11 reasons why your home is not selling and the latest smoking hot listings.

Saturday, January 18th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson answer an abundance of real estate questions from callers. Plus, the guys run through Twin Cities market updates, smoking hot listings and ways to save money on your home renovation.

Saturday, January 11th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson dive into four tips to get your home listing noticed in today's hectic market and four things not to do when putting your home on the market. Plus, Mike looks into his crystal ball for real estate projections in the Twin Cities.

Saturday, January 4th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson kick off the new year by listing 10 ways to save money on home renovation and 11 reasons why your home is not selling.

Saturday, December 21st

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson answer if you should sell your home now or wait until spring. Plus the guys run through four tips for home buying during the colder months and 10 ways to save money on your home renovation.

Saturday, December 14th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson finish off the top 10 list of reasons to hire a buyer's agent and run through nine tips for selling a lingering listing. As always, the guys also hit market updates and answer caller real estate questions.

Saturday, December 7th

Mike Ouverson fills in for Jason Walgrave, and he's joined by John Hageman from the Walgrave Real Estate Group to explore market updates, identify key things to do to improve your credit score and list off the top 10 reasons to hire a buyer's agent.

Saturday, November 23rd

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson hone in on mortgages and credit scores, including a look at credit improvement, financing, refinancing and ways your credit score affects the financing options available to you. Plus, the guys close the show with six things professional burglars don't want you to know.

Saturday, November 16th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson delve into the refinancing process and how to get a satisfying result when you refinance. The guys also run through smoking hot listings, market updates and a series of caller real estate questions.

Saturday, November 9th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson list off 10 ways to save money on home renovations, and the guys cover top tips for home buying during the colder months.

Saturday, November 2nd

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson respond to a bunch of real estate questions, and the guys dive into some hot listings and market updates.

Saturday, October 26th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson share five home renovations that will make you fall in love with your home again. The guys also cover market updates and tips for home buying during the colder months, and they answer whether to sell your house now or wait until spring.

Saturday, October 19th

Jason Walgrave and company countdown the ten most horrifying decorative trends and discuss some market updates and hot listings.

Saturday, October 12th

Jason Walgrave and Mike Ouverson chat about market updates, money management and the biggest obstacles homeowners face when trying to sell their home on their own.

Saturday, October 5th

Jason Walgrave and company discuss the right time to buy, look at some listings and answer questions about how credit scores can affect your real estate decisions.

Saturday, September 28th

Jason Walgrave and company share tips for home sellers who are staging their home, as well as tips for real estate investing.

Monday, September 23rd

9/21/19 MN Home Talk with Jason Walgrave

Saturday, September 14th

MN Home Talk with Jason Walgrave - 9/14/19

Saturday, September 7th

Jason Walgrave talks the right time to buy a home and how your credit score impacts that process.

Saturday, August 31st

MN Home Talk with Jason Walgrave - 8/31/19

Saturday, August 24th

MN Home Talk with Jason Walgrave 8/24

Sunday, August 18th

MN Home Talk with Jason Walgrave -- 8/17/19

Saturday, August 10th

MN Home Talk with Jason Walgrave 8/10

Saturday, July 27th

MN Home Talk With Jason Walgrave 7/27

Saturday, July 20th

MN Home Talk With Jason Walgrave 7/20

Monday, July 15th

Don't forget to tune in live at 7am sharp for the radio show and ask some questions...maybe win a prize or tickets!

Saturday, July 6th

Saturday, June 15th

Don't forget to tune in live at 7am sharp for the radio show and ask some questions...maybe win a prize or tickets!

Saturday, June 8th

Don't forget to tune in live at 7am sharp for the radio show and ask some questions...maybe win a prize or tickets! The heat was on the last couple days so we offer up some tips on cooling your home and much more. Saturday Producer Joey D, on his last day, also stops in quick to tell his success story of why you work with the best in the business like Jason and his team!

Saturday, June 1st

Rob Andert, who is on Jason's team, is here filling in for MIke Whatshisname? Rob grew up on a farm outside of Slayton MN which is just north of Luverne where Jason and Mike are from. He does a great job in his first visit to MHT so welcome Rob!!

Saturday, May 25th

Its the Jason and Mike hour today....nothing but great info...some good callers too! People are rushing to buy homes today for some great prices...its time to act! Mike gets into some interest rate discussion that will truly help you get the best rate possible and yes...they are still very good.

Saturday, May 18th

The same thing can be said for working with the best people...and using local guys like Jason and Mike and their teams who truly are the best people you can work with! You want results, use these guys and the results will happen. Some great reasons to use these guys in your own back yard. Super Show today!!

Saturday, May 11th

I guess I should say that yes Steve is a fine looking man...but the renters market is hot...also! Jason, Mike, and Steve put on a quite a show today! Where is the best place in the Twin Cities to look for getting the most home for your dollars? How far out do you have to go to see how these numbers change?

Saturday, May 4th

...and call in live with a question! You may win a grilling kit or St Paul Saints tickets too! The cost to wait on pulling that trigger on buying that house if the rate goes up 1% is huge! It may come to $135k in savings! The time is now!

Saturday, April 27th

Jason and Mike are in rare form today! I do mean that as a complement! Some great hot deals listed out today, and some great questions live that the boys answer beautifully! Call in to the show live and maybe win some Saints tickets.

Saturday, April 20th

So the guys actually put this show in reverse! We have three guys in studio who are from Leader One Financial to talk about Reverse Mortgages and investing in Real Estate!

Saturday, April 13th

Welcome to Mark Marksin from Renters Warehouse in for his first show! We also welcome you to another edition of Stump the Landlord or Property Manager!!

Saturday, April 6th

Jason and the guys provide some great insight on Minnesota Home Talk

Saturday, March 30th

The boys talk interest rates going down again which should keep the housing market hot! Mike also gives us two great ways to increase our credit scores! Todd Rooker adds to nice tidbits later in the show too!

Saturday, March 23rd

Thank goodness Mike Overson and Emmit Lynch are here to take the cons today! We hardly even noticed Jason was gone! So how's the buying market compared to the renting market? Check out todays hot listings too!

Saturday, March 16th

...There dynamite... somebody lit the fuse on these boys today! Great calls and questions...great insight by our resident housing experts! Listen live at 7am each Saturday, call in with a question and maybe win something!

Saturday, March 9th

Mike and Jason welcome in Brad Barrett from Renters Warehouse who offers up a great idea about maybe getting a 2nd mortgage on another place to live, and then renting that current Townhouse to start gaining your wealth! Jason also talks to Neil about a new venture opening soon with Audubon Villas at Wolf Creek surrounded by a race track so check that out too!

Saturday, March 2nd

Super live show today...hey why don't you call in live with a question from 7am to 8am each Saturday and you could find yourself with some Timberwolves tickets!

Saturday, February 23rd

...he must be the only guy who figured out how to ice fish with a net!? Kidding of course. So he and Jason are all over selling your house and helping you find a new one! The Parade of Homes is coming up so things will thankfully be heating up in the housing market and with our weather!

Saturday, February 16th

What do you need to do to get that home ready to sell? Some great callers today with super questions. Like how do get rid of creaky floors? Is upgrading the kitchen really that important?

Saturday, February 9th

Check it out...maybe your place would be a great rental property rather than just selling! Also, how to buy some business space and rent that out to a new business!

Saturday, February 2nd

That's right, put the Home Talk coffee blend on and enjoy the show. Keep that phone ready to call in with questions live on the air and you could pick up some free T-Wolf tickets! Its Super Bowl weekend, and our two big Chicken Wings, Jason and Mike, are live in the studio today!!

Saturday, January 26th

Be ready to sell this Spring by getting ready now! Make your plans now with Jason and Mike so when you pull that trigger on selling....or even buying...you are a step ahead of everyone else which will be to your advantage! The market is still good right now.

Saturday, January 19th

The housing market this time of year is actually the opposite of our weather this weekend...HOT! Why is it just better to use a local Real Estate agent, firm, and lender... than use an online out of the market property finder?

Saturday, January 12th

Jason and Mike are off and running this year...hey wait up guys! So should you consider renting since that seems to be so popular these days right? Listen the boys live on the air and call in!

Saturday, January 5th

Well dahhhh....its here! Lets get a move on with selling that home. No need to wait for Spring! Jason and Mike go at it hard here today...listen live and call in each week too!

Saturday, December 22nd

Lots of folks in for the show today...family and friends...all the guys are here! Some truly great banter today! Listen to the show live on 1500 and call in with a question! Happy Holiday from MHT!

Saturday, December 15th

You found it...the best Real Estate show on radio is right here. Hey do you want a great chance to get some free T-Wolf tickets...then listen to the show live, call in live on the air with a nice question, and your chances are great!

Saturday, December 8th

You be the judge! Personally I would say YES! Hey you can listen to the show live and call them with all your questions Saturday mornings at 7am, and we know in Real Estate there are many questions!

Saturday, December 1st

Mike and Chris have got the cons today! Hey the rates are still good...the market still has certainly enough to find out there...don't discount selling or buying a home here in December...and some folks just really want to sell!

Saturday, November 24th

Hey black Friday for home sales? Some fantastic hot deals listed here today and its still a great time to sell or buy! Should you look into Associations financials before getting that townhome or condo? Sometimes they don't have enough reserve funds to make all those fixes...and then guess who gets to pitch in to make up those differences?

Saturday, November 17th

Jason, Mike, and Chris have a really good time doing this show...all are excited about Thanksgiving! Mike is always talking Turkey anyway right? Watch out for Mortgage teaser ads and rates...sometimes the slightly lower interest rate can also mean more fees!

Saturday, November 10th

Its the Dynamic Duo of Jason and Mike in today...and no Mike is not working his legs today! So yes the weather is cold again but the market is still hot out there. Some great rates still available for a good number of houses ready for you to see!

Saturday, November 3rd

Jason and Mike of course also are in and get you your answers on some of the hot new listings out there and tips on how to get things in order to sell your home and get a new one!

Saturday, October 27th

So its Jason, Mike, and Chris all in today to help you with finding that new home...and selling your current one! What happens if while downsizing to a townhome...do you have any rights with the Association on fixes to that property?

Saturday, October 13th

Investment properties are always good to discuss on MHT...especially when we have Emmett Lynch from Renters Warehouse joining us today.

Saturday, October 6th

We are going to pay Mike triple today as he is the lone wolf in the studio...no Jason, no anybody...except of course his great producer Evan...so its just Mike and big E...and what a job they do!! Some great hot housing takes today, and he also touches on why interest rates could be higher for smaller mortgages on Condo's and Townhomes even if your score is around 800?

Saturday, September 29th

Jason and his gang kick some housing butt this hour. So what do you do if you buy a home, find some things wrong with it after moving in, that are not on the disclosure and they refuse to fix them and make it right?

Saturday, September 22nd

Welcome home to HomeTalk!! Jason and Mike at the helm today! So first day of Fall...can you feel it! Good time to buy or sell...or both? Get that home ready to go!

Saturday, September 8th

Mike and Chris take over the cons this week. So if your selling a home and buying a home at the same time, can the money be exchanged easily between the two deals with something called a 1031?

Saturday, September 1st

Ten Tips for New Real Estate Investors and updates on the Twin Cities market conditions!

Saturday, August 25th

So many great properties and bargains talked about today by the guys…what are you waiting for?

Saturday, July 28th

A fast moving show today...Emma shows the boys up again!

Saturday, July 21st

Everybody seems to have a different opinion or take on the current Real Estate market. Check out what Jason and his crew think today. Is it better for buyers or sellers and who should act now?

Saturday, July 14th

A real house warming of information today...Maybe buying a home today is not the investment as it once was? Todd Rooker even joins in before his Cover your Assets show to offer some juicy tid bits of info!!

Saturday, July 7th

Fun show today and a newbie Emma Moriarty joins the guys today and she does great! Now is the time to act...with interest rates going up...usually paying rent goes up too! Are homes selling faster of slower today than a year ago?

Saturday, June 30th

We're talking credit this week on Minnesota Home Talk!

Saturday, June 23rd

Some great hot listings this week...plus the guys will help you decide if you should maybe sell your home now...or rent it?

Saturday, June 16th

Oh the Boys are on top of their game today...big questions that are answered and why you still have time to get that new home or sell one!! Don't forget what interest rates were just a few years ago!!

Saturday, June 2nd

Jason and his crew have some great caller questions today. Will the mortgage interest rates continue to go up so now is still a great time to buy right?

Sunday, May 27th

5/26 edition of Minnesota Home Talk with Jason Walgrave