Retirement Playbook


Saturday, March 21st

It’s been another volatile week in the stock market due to the coronavirus. What are the takeaways that you should be applying to your finances?

Saturday, March 14th

When it comes to financial planning, it’s ok to admit that you don’t know the answer to something because you can always figure it out. The real danger is thinking you know the answer to something when you actually have it all wrong. Let’s discuss some of the things people think they know but in reality they don’t.

Saturday, March 7th

With all of the stock market woes that the Coronavirus is causing, let's take a look back at some other prominent market drops and see what we can learn from them.

Saturday, February 29th

We'll examine the distinct stages of retirement planning, and what should be accomplished within each stage. Which stage are you in?

Saturday, February 22nd

We’ll explore what it means to be generous, and how to plan out your retirement so that you have the freedom to be generous with whomever you want.

Saturday, February 15th

There are many famous movie quotes that are heavily reiterated in our society. On today’s show, we will take some of these quotes and relate them to a financial topic.

Saturday, February 8th

It’s always good to keep yourself up to date with what’s going on in the financial world. But it’s also important to understand that the information you get from the media isn’t completely unbiased. Let’s talk about some of the problems with the financial media.

Saturday, February 1st

Let’s tackle some of the major questions people have about getting an inheritance.

Saturday, January 25th

Sometimes people say they don’t want to retire…and sometimes they really mean it. Other times it’s just a defense mechanism to compensate for the fact that they feel like they can’t retire. So let’s explore some of the possible meanings behind the statement, “I don’t want to retire.”

Saturday, January 18th

Let’s talk about a few things in the financial world that might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

Saturday, January 11th

With the new year upon us, let’s run through the checklist of things people should be thinking about as it relates to their financial plans.

Saturday, January 4th

Dale debunks some of the biggest social security myths to kick off the first show of 2020.

Saturday, December 28th

There are actually a lot of principles from the personal training and fitness world that can be applied to retirement planning. Your portfolio is much like your body in that you have to actively take care of it to maintain its health and wellness.

Saturday, December 21st

It’s always bad when somebody dies unexpectedly without any life insurance and leaves their family in a difficult financial position. But it might be even worse when somebody has life insurance but it doesn’t pay out because they made one of these mistakes.

Saturday, December 14th

Let’s pretend that we’re Santa and we’re putting some financial items into everyone’s stockings. For each of these items, we'll tell you if it belongs in the stocking of someone who’s been naughty or someone who’s been nice.

Saturday, December 7th

There are some people who don’t care at all about leaving a financial legacy, but for those who do, it’s important to eliminate some of the common estate planning mistakes.

Saturday, November 30th

There are plenty of financial sayings out there that may not be as truthful as they seem. Let’s take some time to bust some popular financial myths.

Saturday, November 23rd

If you take a close look at the worst investors in society, you’ll find some recurring traits and mistakes that show up a lot. Are you guilty of any of these?

Saturday, November 16th

Fortune cookies love to give advice, and sometimes we can take that advice and turn it into financial wisdom…even if that isn’t what the cookie originally had in mind.

Saturday, November 9th

So you’ve done a good job saving and investing over the years. You’ve lived on less than you’ve earned, kept yourself out of debt, and your investments have done pretty well. That means everything will be simple for you in retirement, right? Not necessarily. Let’s talk about some of the problems faced by people who have been diligent savers over the years.

Saturday, November 2nd

Very often we see a broker or advisor who’s doing a less than stellar job, but folks continue to work with him simply because they feel that he’s a nice guy. Let’s talk about the ridiculousness of these statements and why it’s important for people to be getting the help and advice that they really need, instead of just maintaining a relationship for strictly personal reasons.

Saturday, October 26th

We’ll be celebrating Halloween with a spooky-themed episode of The Retirement Playbook. Let’s see which retirement planning options are tricks and which are treats.

Saturday, October 19th

There are actually a lot of principles from the personal training and fitness world that we can apply to retirement planning. Let’s explore some similarities and learn how to increase our level of financial fitness.

Saturday, October 12th

If you take a close look at most folks’ financial situations, you’ll find that it’s almost scandalous how badly their financial matters have been handled. Let’s talk about the steps people should take to create a retirement minus any scandals.

Saturday, October 5th

It’s always bad when somebody dies unexpectedly without any life insurance and leaves their family in a difficult financial position. But it might be even worse when somebody has life insurance but it doesn’t pay out because they made one of these mistakes.

Saturday, September 28th

If you’re heading out on a road trip, there’s a long checklist of items that you want to be sure you haven’t forgotten. And in retirement planning, some of those exact same items need to be addressed. We'll take a look at that analogy, plus look at some financial disasters you'll want to avoid in your portfolio.

Monday, September 23rd

As you may have heard, there’s a lot of stuff out there that gets labeled as Fake News. We’re going to give Dale some noteworthy financial headlines, and see if they are onto something, or if they are just another example of fake news.

Saturday, September 14th

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Saturday, September 7th

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Tuesday, September 3rd

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Tuesday, August 27th

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Sunday, August 18th

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Thursday, August 15th

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Saturday, August 3rd

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Saturday, July 27th

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Saturday, June 8th

When can you retire? How much do you need to have or be able to live on? Dale knows! Check out his great words of wisdom on retiring! You do want to retire...right?

Saturday, June 1st

Pensions are great, but not many of us has have one today. Let Dale help you create your own pension plan which will be there for retirement. Let Dale help you get your own 5 step plan together to help you retire on time!

Saturday, May 25th

...and live the good life! Dale will help you retire when YOU want to...take ownership in that and be in control! The more you wait, the longer you may have to work. Think about it...let Dale help you get your plan together so you can start collecting PLAY checks instead of PAYCHECKS! Call Dale NOW at 952-401-1671!!

Saturday, May 18th

For concerns about retirement, we go to Dale our retirement doctor! Lets not wait anymore...time flies and days are going by fast so give yourself some time to allow your retirement plan to work. Its time for your retirement checkup so check out todays show and set up a time to visit with Dr. Dale!

Saturday, May 11th

The retirement world is a big scary place to be sometimes! You need someone who knows the landscape and knows how to maneuver thru that big maze and find a place for you that will be comfortable and let you retire the right way!

Saturday, May 4th

What is the role of Social Security in our retirement plans? When should you take retirement...66....70? Is it worth the wait or should we just take it when we can get it?

Saturday, April 27th

Are you taking too much risk with a lot of your retirement funds tied in to the Stock Market? Let Dale help you with alternatives that will provide more guarantees! Call 952 401 1671...your ticket to a customized playbook designed just for you and your financial situation!!

Saturday, April 13th

If Dale was a dartboard...he would be the Bulls eye! Getting you on Target for your retirement today...cant miss info and get that plan rolling now!

Don't let retirement scare you...not getting those checks any longer. So let Dale help get a plan that will keep those checks coming, plus retire earlier than you every thought you could!! Call Dale now at 952-401-1671 to get your Retirement Playbook!

Saturday, March 30th

This hour is your ticket to living the retirement dream! What are the major risks to your next egg? We are living too long...which is good right? Maybe not for retirement, so you need to take those years into consideration! That is what planning is all about. Let Dale help with your plan! call Dale today at 952-401-1671.

Saturday, March 23rd

Its a plan of action! Don't outlive your retirement income. People today are living so much longer. There a more people living to 100 today than ever before in history! Watch out for pitfalls along the way and Dale will help you jump over all those! See too!

Saturday, March 16th

If you have 5 or 10 years to retirement...or 30 to 40 years to retirement...this hour with Dale is going to be of great help to your retirement plan...this is if you have one!! Let Dale put one together for you today!

Saturday, March 9th

Dream big, plan well, and retire with confidence!!! Travel and seeing things is on a lot of our bucket lists right!? Dale talks about some great tips for travel...finding things to see for free!! Music, museums...all over the world are free! Invest in a multi day pass...maybe make some meals yourself to save! Many ways to contact is to text to 474747...put in the word playbook and you will get a special surprise!!

Saturday, March 2nd

Why is it important to have both spouses take part in the retirement planning process? Yes in many families, one person handles the finances, but people don't pass away at the same time! Its hard enough for the surviving spouse to have to take on the full responsibilities of all things, but at least the planning they did together will make it a simpler transition!

Saturday, February 23rd

Doesn't everything in your life simply work better when you had a plan! Your retirement needs a plan and Dale is your man! Many people have trusted Dale for the past 35 years. Do you have a Will? Timing is always so important...and some of those folks waited too long but Dale still helped them to make the best of their retirement years. Stop waiting and get in contact with Dale!!

Saturday, February 16th

The do's and dont's of retirement. The DO is to listen to Dale and this show. The DONT is to miss this show and continue to not have a plan in place for the last stage of your life!

Saturday, February 9th

Dale talks about the various stages of retirement...the go-go years...the slow-go years...or the no-go years? Where do you fit in and what's your plan to get there! Lets get that retirement plan done now! Give Dale a call at 952-401-1671.

Saturday, February 2nd

Do you think Bill Belichick has a special game plan for the big game tomorrow? Nobody has better game plans in football than him...and nobody has better game plans for your retirement than Dale Tondryk! Remember this...dream big, plan well, and retire with confidence! Its starts by listening to this show!!

Saturday, January 26th

In order to get to the big retirement game, you need a game plan that works! Do you really want to work a part time job in your retirement? Shouldn't have to right? Start saving now...let Dale help you reach that credit cards... but have a target and hit that with a winning bulls eye!

Saturday, January 19th

So you might sort of have a retirement plan right? Put it off no more! Get the retirement playbook plan today!! Call Dale your retirement coach and get yours... 952-401-1671. As part of that plan, do you have an emergency fund? How much is in it?

Saturday, January 12th

Dale is fantastic today with some great info and has the playbook that will help you get to the Super Bowl of retirement planning! Maybe consider a Long Term Care insurance policy to protect your income and take of the care giving also!

Saturday, January 5th

A meeting with Dale should be in your planner or on your calendar for this year!! Make this year the year you make the personal retirement plan and move that plan over the goal line!!

Saturday, December 22nd

How Dale can help you get to at least $250k for retirement!! Its not going to bust your Christmas budget by meeting with Dale who is one the best! In fact, meeting with Dale will be the best gift you could give yourselves!! Listening to this show will help you. Happy holidays from Dale and gang from TWM!

Saturday, December 15th

What kind of money do you need each month. What kind of growth does your money need? Active vs. Passive? The cost of meeting with Dale is a small investment into your retirement future!!

Saturday, December 8th

At times...yes! Spouses sometimes don't agree on some things and then one person takes over and is the only one meeting with Dale! That is not the best way to do this. Both need to be in on plan development even if they don't agree on some things...compromise!

Saturday, December 1st

Today Dale talks about retirement savings to retirement income! Time to get make your game plan and get a Retirement Playbook for yourself with Dale!!

Saturday, November 24th

If you have a long term care issue in your future...will you be able to protect that retirement income? Some costs could get to $125k a year!! Get a plan, a Retirement Playbook Plan...with Dale!!

Saturday, November 17th

By not listening to Dale and this show, that will not help your plan...and if you fail to can plan to fail. Follow me on that? You need help from an expert like Dale...who is one of the best in the business...check it out!!

Saturday, November 10th

We all fear of running out of money when we retire. Are you in the right investments and have the right kind of savings today that will bode well for your future retirement and not run out of money? Call Dale today and order your own Retirement Playbook!! 952- 401-1671

Saturday, October 27th

Oh yes a tough week for the markets no doubt. No better time to make a plan with Dale!! Please don't wait! Have a written plan...your retirement playbook that will take you saved money and make it last for your 952-401-1671.

Saturday, October 13th

What's missing in your plans? Net worth vs. net income? Do you have what you need to fill all those possible holes in your plan. Talk to Dale! His plan will get you over that goal line!

Saturday, October 6th

What are the most common investing questions we have today? Dale is your retirement guy and he will help you with touchdown producing advice and help to your retirement! He is your financial coach!

Saturday, September 29th

Oh man...retirement planning...where do you start? You start with this hour and with Dale! What are your expectations and concerns? Dale hits on all the talking points and can help you make a plan that leads to a touchdown!

Saturday, September 22nd

The process of planning for retirement can be very complex. Lots moving let Dale help put that puzzle together. What's your game plan? Call 952-401-1671 for your personalized retirement playbook!!

Saturday, September 8th

Dale also wants you to retire! You need to do it wisely and have everything lined up correctly to truly enjoy it! Don't be one of those who retire and are too anxious to enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 4th

Dale discusses the 4% rule in retirement incoming planning, and some alternative strategies going forward.

Saturday, August 25th

Dale thinks the Viking are going to have big year this year…one reason is the planning being done by the coaches! Let Dale be your retirement coach and put together a great plan for you!

Saturday, July 28th

You know the market is going to hit a big slide your money spread out enough to take that hit? Dale also wrote a check out what he says about that and how you can get a copy!! Failing to a plan to fail!

Saturday, July 21st

This is not something you want to put off to later. The earlier the better when it comes to planning your retirement! Call Dale today at 952-401-1671 to get a complementary retirement playbook!! Tomorrow is not guaranteed so complete that estate plan for your family now!

This is not something you want to put off to later. The earlier the better when it comes to planning your retirement! Call Dale today at 952-401-1671 to get a complementary retirement playbook!! Tomorrow is not guaranteed so complete that estate plan for your family now!

Sunday, July 15th

You may need a fresh perspective on your finances now and Dale is a guy you can always trust to give it to you straight! Each person's situation is let Dale help you customize a plan that ...

Need a tune-up...financially? All championship teams have a strong playbook...Let Dale put one together for you! What should you do with that 401k? How do State and Federal taxes hit your retirement ...

You need to trust the person who is managing your retirement...Dale is that guy. So much is said about Annuities...good, bad, depends? Call 952-401-1671 to get your free retirement playbook! Great ...