SKOR North Live w/ Matthew Coller


How do you make NFL preseason more interesting?

*Danny, Ramie and Manny talk more about NFL Preseason games. Is there any way to make them more meaningful? *What would’ve happened if the Wolves hadn’t made the Love/Wiggins trade 5 years ago today?

8/23/19 Cluster Fun: Having fun at the Minnesota State Fair

Danny Cunningham is joined with Manny Hill from the Minnesota State Fair to talk about the first day of the fair and finding out what the best things for the newcomer to do are.

8/22/19 Cluster Fun: We’re at the fair and the Twins can’t pitch

On Thursday’s show Danny Cunningham is joined by Manny Hill to discuss the Twins losing a series to the Chicago White Sox with some poor starting pitching and the Minnesota State Fair taking place.

8/21/19 Cluster Fun: What to make of the rally squirrel

Danny and Coller try to figure if the rally squirrel was planned. And Kyle Sloter’s status with the Vikings.

Zimmer’s candidness/Bill Walton on baseball

*Mike Zimmer was fairly candid with his words on Kyle Sloter: Should the Vikings Head Coach publicly do that with the media? *The Antonio Brown helmet saga continues, and Danny loves it. *Bill Walton on…

8/20/19 Cluster Fun: Twins lose to White Sox – Cluster Fun

Danny and Judd talk the Twins series-opening loss to the White Sox.

8/19/19 Cluster Fun: Takeaways from the Vikings game

Danny and Manny talk takeaways from the Vikings second preseason game. And the Twins sweeping the Rangers.

SKOR North Sundays: Preseason football/The best sports brawls

Hour 1: Danny and Manny discuss how pointless preseason football is, and Matthew Coller joins the show to talk Vikings/Seahawks Hour 2: Danny and Manny reminisce about old brawls in sports and come to the…

8/16/19 Cluster Fun: Twins win big in Texas and happy birthday Danny

Danny and Judd discuss the Twins winning big in Texas. Baseball’s unwritten rules. Judd’s cable bill. And it’s also Danny’s birthday.

Twins fielding woes, robot umps, AB & Hard Knocks

*Danny, Ramie and Manny weigh in on the Twins struggles in the field. Does Jorge Polanco need a rest? *Debating electronic strike zones: If baseball goes with robot umps, will they get it right? *Antonio…

8/15/19 Cluster Fun: Twins bullpen blows it again

Danny and Declan discuss the Twins’ bullpen surrendering another late-inning lead, this time to the Milwaukee Brewers. What will Michael Pineda look like against the Rangers?

8/14/19 Cluster Fun: Thank you, Josh Hader

Danny and Ramie discuss the Twins being back in first place thanks to Josh Hader. And what’s up with Ohio State?

Is this Twins season a failure if they miss the playoffs?

*If the Twins win 95 games and still miss the playoffs, should that be viewed as a failure? Ramie says no *More on the Antonio Brown helmet saga: Has the Raiders’ star receiver lost it?…

8/13/19 Cluster Fun: Twins tragic number is 44

The Cleveland Indians are in sole possession of first place and Danny and Judd discuss what this means for the Twins.

8/12/19 Cluster Fun: The Tied For First Place Twins Show

Danny and Manny breakdown the Twins-Indians series over the weekend, with Cleveland taking three of four and are now tied for the division lead. Also the Vikings traded for a kicker.

SKOR North Sundays: Can the Twins regain some momentum today?

Hour 1: The Twins get a much needed win over the Cleveland Indians to retake sole possession of 1st in the AL Central. Did Jake Odorizzi send a message, or do the Twins need another…

8/9/19 Cluster Fun: Twins lose again and Vikings preseason expectations

Danny is joined by the Conduits of Trouble to talk another Twins loss to the Indians. And what to expect from the Vikings first preseason game.

How big is this Twins series with the Indians?

*Coller, Danny and Manny discuss how big and exciting this Twins/Indians weekend series at Target Field can be. *Eno Sarris of The Athletic talks bullpen usage in baseball, and what has been the key to…

8/8/19 Cluster Fun: The Twins are pulling a Kirk Cousins

Danny and Manny discuss the big series coming up between the Twins and Indians and why the Twins are pulling a Kirk Cousins lately. Speaking of Cousins, what’s up with him calling out his rookie…

8/7/19 Cluster Fun: Berrios’ poor outing and preseason football

On Wednesday Danny Cunningham is joined by Manny Hill to talk about the poor outing turned in by Jose Berrios against Atlanta and what they’re looking for in Friday night’s Vikings-Saints preseason showdown.

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