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Cluster Fun 10-14-19: Is Kirk Cousins no longer a fraud?

Danny and Judd wonder if Kirk Cousins is no longer a fraud after his impressive performance against the Eagles. Also what to make of the Wild’s and Timberwolves’ play over the weekend.

Cousins vs. Eagles D/Ramie loves Winter/Miserable fanbases

*(00:00): Can Kirk Cousins and the Vikings have success against the Eagles defense? *(16:45): Danny’s early observations of the Wolves in preseason *(38:00): Ramie is fired up over the NBA pulling media availability in China…

Playoff choking/The baseballs have been un-juiced?/Has the Diggs fire been put out?

*Is Clayton Kershaw a playoff choker? Ramie, Coller and Manny discuss *Ramie sounds off on Rob Manfred again: This time because the baseballs have once again been changed for the playoffs *Is everything all good…

Cluster Fun: Can the Wild score some goals against the Jets?

Danny asks Declan if the Wild can actually generate some offense and score some goals against the Jets tonight. Also, the Wolves play the Warriors in preseason basketball.

Vikings passing attack/The NBA & China/Wetmore on Twins offseason

*What did we learn from the Vikings win over the Giants on Sunday? Is it fair to expect the Vikings passing attack to continue to improve? *Ramie and Danny weigh in on the Daryl Morey/NBA/China…

Cluster Fun 10-9-19: Twins bring back Nelson Cruz

Danny and Judd discuss the Twins bringing back Nelson Cruz. And what to make of the Twins season. Was it a success or a disappointment?

Cluster Fun 10-8-19: R.I.P. to the 2019 Bomba Squad

Danny is joined by a very sad Declan Goff to breakdown the Twins being swept by the Yankees in the ALDS.

Is it over for the Bomba Squad? – Cluster Fun

Danny and Judd try to figure out if the series is over for the Twins who are down 2-0 in their best of five series to the Yankees.

Is it possible Kirk Cousins has regressed?

(3:00): Ramie wonders if Kirk Cousins has regressed in 2019. Coller has a theory on that. (16:30): Craig Edwards of Fangraphs joins with thoughts on how the Twins will do in the postseason. Will the…

Cluster Fun: 10-1-19: What trades would you make for the Vikings?

Danny and Judd try to figure out if the Vikings could make a trade to save their season.

Cluster Fun 9-30-19: Vikings loss to the Bears still stings

Danny and Judd are still stung by the Vikings’ putrid performance against the Bears in Week 4.

SKOR North Sundays: Will Kirk Cousins be able to surprise us at Soldier Field?

(:00) Vikings vs. Bears preview and the Curse of Soldier Field; (:20) Twins postseason preview; (:40) Dan Hayes of The Athletic joins the show to talk Twins; (:60) Can Kirk Cousins surprise Vikings fans?; (:80)…

Vikings-Bears/Fantasy FB with Heisler/Danny wants Romo in the booth

*Ramie Makhlouf and Danny Cunningham look ahead to the Vikings-Bears matchup, and also examine what happened at Lambeau Field last night. Was the Packers defense overrated? *Ben Heisler of Fantasy Sports Markets joins for his…

Cluster Fun 9-27-19: Will officiating affect the Vikings vs. Bears game

Danny and Judd breakdown the Packers loss to the Bears. And how officiating will play a part in the Vikings-Bears game on Sunday.

Eno Sarris on baseball postseason strategies/Napheesa Collier on ROY and Americup

*What’s the real issue with baseball? Bad teams or pace of play? *Eno Sarris on postseason philosophies and why concerns about the Twins fielding could be overblown. *Coller talks with Napheesa Collier on winning WNBA…

Cluster Fun 9-26-19: Twins clinch the division

Danny and Declan discuss the Twins clinching the division. And what to expect from Vikings-Bears.

Cluster Fun 9/25/19: The Twins are on the verge of clinching

On Wednesday’s show Danny Cunningham and Judd Zulgad talk about the Twins beating the Tigers on Tuesday night to push their magic number down to 2 as well as Jake Odorizzi having to leave the…

Could the Twins offense regress?

*Danny on Vikings/Bears: “I think this is going to be the first time this year we actually learn something about teams in the NFC North” *Will the Twins offense regress in the postseason and the…

Cluster Fun 9-24-19: Hit the Quan! Treadwell is back in Minnesota

Danny and Declan discuss the return of Laquon Treadwell to Minnesota. And Declan read a book!

Cluster Fun 9-23-19: Recapping Week 3 of the NFL

Danny and Judd recap Week 3 of the NFL. The Vikings’ win over the Raiders. And Nelson Cruz hitting his 400th home run.

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