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Cluster Fun: Twins lose again, Jarrett Culver and favorite Office episode

Declan Goff and Seth Auger fill in for Danny Cunningham, talking another Twins loss. Jarrett Culver signing his contract And favorite office episodes.

Favorite NFL Storylines/Jonny K on Wolves

*With one NFL training camp already getting underway, Danny and Manny share their favorite NFL offseason storylines *Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic joins with thoughts on the Wolves and a recap of NBA Summer League

7/17/19 Cluster Fun: Twins therapy session

On Wednesday’s Cluster Fun Danny Cunningham is joined by a saddened Ramie Makhlouf after another Twins loss drops their AL Central lead to just five games.

The Trade deadline is around the corner; Time for the Twins to pounce?

*Danny, Manny and Judd speculate on what the Twins should and will do at the trade deadline *Should the Twins be willing to part with their top prospects to make a splashy move? Judd says…

7/16/19 Cluster Fun: The trade deadline is coming!

On Tuesday’s edition of Cluster Fun, Danny Cunningham was joined by Judd Zulgad to talk about the approaching MLB trade deadline as well as Judd bringing in another magnificent item for Show and Tell.

7/15/19 Cluster Fun: The weekend that was

On Monday Danny Cunningham was joined by Ramie Makhlouf to talk about the Twins taking two of three from the Indians in Cleveland as well as the Wolves going for the Las Vegas Summer League…

7/12/19 Cluster Fun: The NBA never sleeps and a big weekend ahead for the Twins

On Friday’s Cluster Fun Danny Cunningham is joined by the Conduits of Trouble, Judd Zulgad and Chip Scoggins, as they talk about Russell Westbrook being traded from OKC to the Houston Rockets as well as…

Eno Sarris on homeruns, 2nd half for the Twins

*Coller has questions for Danny and Manny about what to expect from the Twins post All-Star break *Eno Sarris of The Athletic joins to discuss all the homeruns in baseball, and he also has what…

7/11/19 Manny goes to a soccer game

Danny Cunningham is joined by Manny Hill on Thursday’s Cluster Fun to talk about his experience at the Minnesota United game on Wednesday night as well as the second half of the baseball season starting…

7/10/19 Cluster Fun: Goodbye Tyus Jones and the MLB All-Star Game

Danny Cunningham has returned from NBA Summer League in Las Vegas to Cluster Fun and the Wolves have decided to not match the offer sheet on Tyus Jones. Danny and Ramie Makhlouf chat about that…

Depue talks prospects/Danny from Vegas

*Jake Depue talks Twins prospects and has some reckless trade speculation as the deadline approaches *Danny Cunningham joins from Vegas with thoughts on NBA Summer League and what else could be in store for the…

7/9/19: Judd has a confession to make – Cluster Fun

Judd and Declan are in for Danny and Judd has a confession to make about the Home Run Derby. All-Star Game starting lineups. And the NHL Free Agency winners and losers.

7/8/19 Cluster Fun: Is Karl-Anthony Towns next?

Danny’s out in Vegas covering NBA Summer League, so Judd and Manny discuss the idea of why it’s important to keep Karl-Anthony Towns happy. Especially after Paul George requested out of OKC. Also, are the…

7/3/19 Cluster Fun: Are the Twins in danger?

On Wednesday’s show Danny Cunningham was joined by Phil Mackey to talk about the Minnesota Twins saw their divisional lead fall to seven games after Tuesday night’s loss in Oakland. They also dive into the…

7/2/19 Cluster Fun: Should the Wild just tank? And Mackey is sad about the Wolves

Mackey & Judd take over Cluster Fun for the day! They discuss whether the Wild should just tank, and Phil expresses his sadness following the Wolves’ big swing and a miss with D’Angelo Russell.

7/1/19 Cluster Fun: Wolves miss out on D’Lo

On Monday’s Cluster Fun Danny Cunningham is joined by Manny Hill to talk about the NBA Free Agency madness that took place on Sunday night that saw D’Angelo Russell pick the Golden State Warriors over…

SKOR North Sundays: NBA Free Agency Preview!

Danny Cunningham and Manny Hill preview what could be ahead for NBA Free Agency!

6/28/19 Cluster Fun: Twins marathon and free agency approaching

On Friday’s Cluster Fun Danny Cunningham was joined by Judd Zulgad and Chip Scoggins to talk about the Twins playing an 18 inning game against Tampa and the upcoming NBA and NHL free agency periods.

SKOR North Live: Do you believe in curses?

*Coller, Danny and Manny discuss curses in sports; Do you believe in them? *Eno Sarris joins to discuss the Twins/Madison Bumgarner rumors *What are we watching tonight?

6/27/19 Cluster Fun: More injuries for the Twins and bring back the Expos

On Thursday’s Cluster Fun Danny Cunningham and Manny Hill talk about the Twins continuing to deal with the injury bug and whether or not Thursday afternoon’s game will be played.

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