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Cluster Fun 12-13-19: The Wild pull off another big win

Danny asks Judd about the Wild’s big win over the Oilers and if they’ve turned a corner. And what to expect from the Wolves this weekend.

What if the Twins are left out in the cold in Free Agency? How would you feel about it?

*Ramie is concerned that the Twins might be missing out in Free Agency. How will fans respond if the Twins don’t make any big moves? Danny Cunningham & Derek Wetmore discuss. *Would you hold it…

Who are the real Timberwolves?/Brian Kenny from the Winter Meetings

*Who are the real Minnesota Timberwolves? Ramie picks Danny’s brain on what’s gone wrong with the local NBA squad. *Brian Kenny of MLB Network on the Yankees landing Gerrit Cole, and also calls Ramie stupid…

Cluster Fun 12-11-19: Gerrit Cole is richer than all of us

Danny and Judd breakdown the Gerrit Cole contract with the Yankees and where the Twins fit in.

Have the Vikings played their best football, or is there more to come?

*Have the Vikings already played their best football? Ramie says yes. *Coller on why it makes sense to play Mike Hughes more than Xavier Rhodes, even if he’s not great: “If he plays average… average…

Cluster Fun 12-10-19: Are the Wolves frauds?

Danny and Judd breakdown another Wolves loss and the Patriots being cheaters again.

Feeling better about the Vikings D? Should the Twins be in on 5/$100+ for MadBum?

*What did we learn from the Vikings win over Detroit? Ramie & Mackey discuss if they feel better about Minnesota’s defense. *Should the Twins give Madison Bumgarner $100+ million over 5 years? Mackey & Ramie…

Cluster Fun 12-9-19: The most boring Vikings game since?

Judd and Declan dissect the Vikings steamrolling the Detroit Lions and what’s at stake for the final three games.

Free For All Friday/Extend Zimmer or not?/Ben Heisler with Fantasy analysis

*Ramie, Judd & Danny play “Confident, Concerned, Curious” with the Vikings & Lions for this weekend. *Twins Hot stove discussion: Does it make sense to bring Michael Pineda back? *What would the Vikings have to…

Cluster Fun 12-6-19: Wait, are the Wild a playoff team?

Judd and Declan breakdown another win for the Minnesota Wild who are now inside the top 8 of the West. Also the Twins signed two free agents.

What should Zimmer do with Rhodes?/Dan Hayes on the hot stove/Things you DON’T want to hear about

*What are the most annoying things your friends talk to you about? Ramie, Judd, Danny & Manny discuss and take calls *The Vikings should roll the Lions this week, but will they? *Dan Hayes of…

Are things really that dire for the Vikings?/Twins hot stove speculation

*Are the Vikings in that bad of a spot? Ramie argues that things may not be as bad as they seem. *Is there any possibility the Vikings can fix their defensive woes? *Ramie after Zack…

Cluster Fun: Another Wild win and a wacky officiating call in the NBA

Danny and Declan quickly recap the Wild’s win over the Panthers and the NBA’s strange call in the Rockets-Spurs game.

How do the Vikings fix their woes on D? Or can they?

Matthew Coller & Danny Cunningham recap the Vikings loss in Seattle and analyze why the Vikings defense has regressed so badly. – Why does Xavier Rhodes continue to play? – Should there be changes to…

Cluster Fun 12-3-19: Who’s to blame for the Vikings loss to the Seahawks?

Danny and Judd assess who’s to blame for the Vikings loss to the Seahawks on Monday Night Football.

Brian Murphy recaps Gophers loss, explores narratives surrounding the Vikings/Seahawks game tonight

*Brian Murphy: “Gopher fans looked at Saturday as just another MN sports disappointment… That’s the wrong attitude to take” *Judd on Harrison Smith: “As much as he’s going to politic to play, he can’t play…

A MN Sports Tour: Checking in on the Wolves, Gophers, Twins & Wild.

(2:00): Danny talks Wolves and why Jeff Teague coming off the bench should help. (26:00): Chip Scoggins joins with thoughts on the Gophers matchup on the Badgers: How big would a win be for the…

What are we most thankful for in Minnesota sports?

*What are we most thankful for in Minnesota Sports? Ramie, Judd and Manny go over what they’re the most thankful for among the Vikings, Gophers and Wolves & Twins. *What would an All-Decade team for…

Cluster Fun 11-26-19: The biggest Minnesota football weekend since?

Judd and Declan preview the big weekend of football on deck with the Gophers hosting the Badgers and the Vikings visiting Seattle.

What did we learn about the NFC during the Vikings bye?

*Is this the biggest game in Gopher football history? Ramie, Mackey & Manny discuss the week ahead for Gophers/Badgers, including College Game Day coming to Minnesota on Saturday. *Are the Vikings better than the Packers?…

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