SKOR North Live w/ Matthew Coller


Buying MN Sports Stock/Should the Twins trade for Mookie?

(00:00): How much stock should we buy into the recent successes of the Vikings, Gophers and Timberwolves? (38:00): Is Dalvin Cook an exception to the rule that “running backs don’t matter?” (52:00): Derek Wetmore reacts…

Cluster Fun 11-13-19: Happy Birthday Sports Dad!

Danny talks with birthday boy Judd about the Wild and Wolves.

Wiggins turning a corner, Gopher bowl predictions and Declan +

Is the Vikings’ offense for real? Andrew Wiggins turning a corner. The fire at the 1977 NFC Championship game. Gopher bowl games scenarios. Dion Waiters’ THC incident. And the debut episode of Declan +.

Cluster Fun 11-12-19: Is Andrew Wiggins turning a corner?

Danny and Judd breakdown Andrew Wiggins’ impressive play and is it sustainable for the rest of the season?

Greatest MN Sports weekend ever?/Coller on Vikes win in Dallas

(00:00): Was that the greatest Minnesota sports weekend ever? Ramie & Mackey discuss (23:00): Callers react to the Gophers win vs. Penn State on Saturday (42:00): What did we learn from the Vikings win in…

Cluster Fun 11-11-19: The best weekend in Minnesota sports since…

Judd and Danny recap an epic weekend of Minnesota sports that saw the Gophers knock off No. 4 Penn State and the Vikings pick up a Prime Time win over the Cowboys.

Drew Pearson talks Vikings/Cowboys. How can the Vikings pull it off on Sunday?

*(00:00): Ramie, Danny & Manny play Confidence, Concern, Curious with the Vikings/Cowboys game. *(20:15): Former Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson talks about his Hail Mary catch against the Vikings and what to look for in…

Cluster Fun: The Furious Rallies return and can the Vikings beat the Cowboys?

Judd and Declan breakdown the Wild’s rally against the Sharks on Thursday night that fell short. And preview Vikings-Cowboys.

Would you give Kirk Cousins or Dalvin Cook contract extensions?

(2:15): Judd on the Vikings: “If they don’t win their next 3, it’s over, through 2020…” (20:00): Would you give Dalvin Cook a 2nd contract if you’re the Vikings? (38:00): Danny on the Vikings: “If…

Are we overreacting to the Vikings loss?/Sean McDonough talks Gophers vs. Penn State

(00:00): Did we overreact to the Vikings loss to the Chiefs? (38:00): KAT is back with the Wolves. Are we going to see a new KAT after his fight with Embiid? (51:00): Derek Wetmore joins…

Is the Vikings defense a bigger concern than Cousins?

*(00:00): Which obstacle will be more difficult to overcome for the Vikings? Kirk Cousins play, or the defense? *(24:00): Danny breaks down what went on at Target Center last night. What happened with the 49…

Cluster Fun 11-5-19: A weird night at Target Center

Danny and Judd breakdown the wacky events at Target Center between the Wolves and Bucks And which players around the NBA Wolves fans should watch?

How much blame should Cousins get for the Vikings loss?

(00:00): Is Kirk Cousins getting too much of the blame? Ramie and Mackey discuss (44:00): Reckless Speculation: Is PJ Fleck headed to Tallahassee? (49:00): Coller joins: Will Kirk Cousins be worth it in the end?…

Cluster Fun 11-4-19: Assessing blame for the Vikings loss to the Chiefs

Danny and Judd try to asses who is to blame for the Vikings’ loss to the Chiefs in Week 9.

Should Mahomes play Sunday?/Comedian Corey Adam stops by for Hr 2.

(13:30): Should Patrick Mahomes play Sunday? Danny makes the case for why he shouldn’t, even if we want him to. (23:00): 2nd half outlook for the NFC, and where the Vikings fit in. (34:00): Ben…

Did KAT change the narrative of him by fighting Embiid?

(00:00): Did Karl-Anthony Towns begin the process of changing a narrative surrounding him with his fight with Joel Embiid last night? (19:00): Was Ben Simmons the biggest offender of the night? (38:00): Ramie and Judd…

World Series controversy: Holding bats & reviewing the non-reviewable

(00:00) Ramie, Danny and Manny discuss Alex Bregman and Juan Soto carrying their bats to first base in the home runs in the World Series: Did they cross the line? (30:00): The Trea Turner play…

Cluster Fun 10-30-19: The Wild meltdown against the Stars

Danny and Judd breakdown the Wild’s latest deflating loss, this time to the Dallas Stars. And the debacle in the World Series.

2nd half questions for Vikings/Is the NCAA finally getting it?

*(00:00) Judd, Danny and Ramie discuss question marks for the Vikings heading into the 2nd half of their season (26:30): Reckless Trade Speculation as the NFL’s trade deadline approaches (37:00): What does Ramie think of…

Cluster Fun 10-29-19: Vikings and Wild updates

Judd and Declan talk Vikings-Chiefs as well as the rest of the NFC. And preview tonight’s Wild’s game against the Stars.

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