SKOR North Live w/ Matthew Coller


Wiggy’s 4th/Jim Pete/Coller on coaching blunders/Robot umps

(00:00): Once again, we ask the question: Is Andrew Wiggins figuring it out? (17:00): Jim Petersen on Wiggy’s 4th quarter, and the keys to Wolves’ 3-0 start (31:00): Danny’s pumped for the return of a…

Still concerns even after Vikings win?/Can Kirk elevate into the next tier?

(00:00): The Vikings win against Washington, but Ramie says there are still some big concerns (15:00): Should we be worried about the Vikings defense? (30:00): Danny’s dream game (38:30): The Warriors are bad. Could this…

Cluster Fun 10-25-19: Vikings win a snooze fest against Washington

Danny and Judd discuss the Vikings crawling to a 19-9 win over Washington on Thursday Night Football.

Will Keenum or AP get revenge?/Wolves win opener

(00:00): Is there any concern that Primetime Kirk will show up tonight? (17:00): Who is more likely to get any sort of revenge against the Vikings tonight? AP or Case Keenum? (39:00): Danny talks Wolves……

Cluster Fun 10-24-19: Timberwolves pick up first win of the season

Danny and Declan breakdown the Timberwolves season-opening win over the Nets last night and what to make of the Wild’s rebuild.

Reaction to Boone/NBA opening night/World Series takeaways

(00:00): Ramie, Danny and Manny discuss more about Alex Boone’s comments on Adrian Peterson (20:00): Danny’s takeaways from opening night in the NBA (50:00): Derek Wetmore stop in with thoughts on the World Series (1:10:00):…

Cluster Fun 10-23-19: Timberwolves are back in action!

Danny and Judd are excited for the Wolves to back. The Wild won another game And previewing Vikings Vent Line.

Is this level of play by Kirk Cousins sustainable?/Danny Previews the Wolves

(00:00): Have the Vikings rekindled some Super Bowl hope? (23:00): How many starting QB’s in the nfl should be “banished” to the XFL? (41:00): Danny talks Wolves: What are reasonable expectations for the Wolves this…

Cluster Fun 10-22-19: Appreciating Kirk Cousins

Judd and Declan are up in arms over Sam Darnold and the Jets after their putrid performance on Monday Night Football.

Did we overreact to Cousins’ poor performance earlier this season?

(00:00): What did we learn about the Vikings after their win in Detroit? (19:00): Did we overreact to Kirk Cousins’ early season struggles? (42:00): Mackey with more excitement on Gopher football: Could they get to…

Cluster Fun 10-21-19: A wild weekend in Minnesota sports

Danny and Judd recap the crazy weekend in Minnesota sports with the Vikings, Wild and United playing meaningful games.

Minnesota Wild Round table/How the Mahomes injury changes things/Ben Heisler talks fantasy FB

(00:00): A Minnesota Wild round table discussion with Judd, Declan and Brian Murphy answers questions about the state of the Wild, where they could be headed, and what this means for the future of Bruce…

Cluster Fun 10-18-19: Wild are a mess and so is Patrick Mahomes

Danny, Declan and Judd discuss the latest dysfunctional moment for the Minnesota Wild. And Patrick Mahomes’ injury.

Sunday a must-win for the Vikings?/Is A-Rod washed?

(00:00): Is Sunday’s game against the Lions a must-win for the Vikings? (19:00): Did KAT guarantee a playoff berth for the Wolves? (42:00): Is Aaron Rodgers washed? (1:07:00): Eno Sarris on the MLB Playoffs and…

Cluster Fun 10-17-19: Will the Wild win tonight?

Danny is joined by Declan and Judd to breakdown the Wild’s slow start to the season. Also, the Wolves play a preseason game tonight!

Confidence in the Vikings/Mitch Garver wants to be “the man”

*(00:00): The Vikings have moved up in various power rankings. Has that made you more confident in the team? *(22:00): Jalen Ramsey to the Rams. Should the Vikings have gone in on that? *(34:00): More…

Cluster Fun 10-16-19: Vikings miss out on Jalen Ramsey

Danny and Judd wonder if the Vikings missed out on Jalen Ramsey, as the talented cornerback is going to the Rams. Also, the Nationals are going to the World Series.

NFL Refereeing Fiasco/LeBron on China

(00:00): Are we being too hard on NFL officials? (20:00): How does the NFL solve their officiating fiasco? (37:00): Who is the best team in the NFC North? (49:00): Coller joins and weighs in on…

Cluster Fun 10-15-19: Are the officials going to ruin this show too?

Danny and Judd are up in arms over the officiating in the Lions-Packers game on Monday Night Football. Also, the Wild got a win!

Was that Kirk Cousins’ best performance with the Vikings?

(00:00): Was that Kirk Cousins’ best performance as a Viking? (24:00): Zach Brown had to eat crow on his Cousins comments. Mackey says “keep doing it” (32:00): Phil gets to brag about his guy P.J.…

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