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NFL misses on opportunity to make the end of games more fun

The NFL’s decision to abandon onside kicks made a lot of sense. So why did the league decide not to go in a direction that would have featured quarterbacks? Mackey and Judd discuss what was…

Could Kirk Cousins be NFL MVP, or would it be another Vikings player?

Vikings Reddit points out fans are putting money on Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen to win NFL MVP. So, if Allen is getting consideration, should we be talking about Kirk Cousins being MVP? Mackey and…

The Vikings’ best offseason move has been …

Mackey & Judd review Bleacher Reports article on the smartest offseason moves for each NFL team and debate if trading Stefon Diggs was the best move for the Vikings.

That was then, but these former Vikings would be better now

Mackey & Judd run through a pecking order of past Vikings they would like to see play with the rules and systems used in today’s NFL.

Trap games on the Vikings’ 2020 schedule

Mackey & Judd take a look at the Vikings’ schedule and identify potential trap games. Mackey finds more than Judd.

Vikings backup QB Sean Mannion gets no respect

Mackey & Judd discuss where the Vikings’ Sean Mannion is ranked by CBS Sports’ website among backup quarterback options in the NFL. How much trouble are the Vikings in if Kirk Cousins gets hurt?

Kirk Cousins or (Blank) Pt. 2

Mackey & Judd do their second installment of Kirk Cousins or.. blank? Today’s subjects: Jimmy Garoppolo, Ben Roethlisberger or Sam Darnold?

BONUS: Minneapolis Miracle Vent Line

In this bonus episode of Purple Daily, we throw it back to the Vent Line episode that aired right after the Minneapolis Miracle in 2018.

Alternate reality: What if the Vikings don’t trade for Sam Bradford?

Judd and Declan expand on an idea from the Vikings SKOL sub reddit: What if the Vikings do not trade for Sam Bradford in 2016?

5 Vikings named as Top 100 players for 2020 season

Mackey & Judd go through CBS Sports’ Top 100 players for 2020, with five Vikings players making the lost. Who was snubbed? And who are the top 10 players on the Vikings right now?

What do the analytics say about Kirk Cousins?

Eric Eager from Pro Football Focus joins Purple Daily to explain what the analytics say about Kirk Cousins and whether there is room for growth.

Are the Vikings the next ‘team of the decade?’

Mackey & Judd break down Adam Schein’s article on the next dynasty in the NFL. Should the Vikings have made the list of nine teams?

Take your pick: Would you rather have Kirk Cousins or … ?

In the first installment of Kirk Cousins or (blank), Mackey & Judd (and Declan) must decide whether they would rather have the Vikings quarterback or another NFL starter. The third name thrown out creates a…

Three Vikings who will take steps forward and steps back in 2020

Judd provides Mackey with a list of three Vikings who will take steps forward and three who will take steps backward in 2020.

Pecking order: The 10 best Vikings wide receivers of all time

Mackey & Judd take an idea from the Vikings’ SKOL Reddit page and rank the top 10 Vikings wide receivers in team history.

Do the Vikings have the best QB situation in the NFC North?

Mackey & Judd take a look at each quarterback situation in the NFC North and try to figure out if the Vikings have the best quarterback situation in the division.

Alternate reality: Daunte Culpepper or Teddy Bridgewater?

Mackey & Judd revisit a conversation that Judd and Declan had from last week. Assuming neither quarterback got injured, who was more likely to lead Minnesota a Super Bowl: Daunte Culpepper from 2005-12? Or Teddy…

Reacting to Anthony Harris signing his franchise tender

Mackey & Judd react to Vikings safety Anthony Harris signing his franchise tag. Was this Minnesota’s original plan heading into the offseason? Will he be signed to a long-term deal before the July 15 deadline?…

Reckless Speculation: Was Russell Wilson available for trade two years ago?

Mackey & Judd break down the Pro Football Talk report that the Seahawks explored trading Russell Wilson in 2018. Why would Seattle consider trading Wilson? What would it cost to acquire Wilson?

Is Danielle Hunter the most underrated player in the NFL?

On our Reddit SKOL question of the day, producer Declan asks Mackey & Judd if Danielle Hunter is the most underrated player in the NFL? Is there any other pass rusher you would take over…

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