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What happens if COVID-19 sidelines Kirk Cousins?

Mackey & Judd kick around the idea of what happens if a prominent Vikings player, notably Kirk Cousins, gets COVID-19. Should the Vikings be looking at other options, besides Sean Mannion, to be a backup…

Should the Vikings trade for cornerback Desmond King?

Mackey & Judd react to the report that Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Desmond King could be headed to the Vikings in a trade. What should the Vikings trade for the nickel corner?

Alternate Reality: What if the Vikings lost to the Saints over Wild Card Weekend

In the latest alternate reality, Mackey & Judd go down the path of what if the Vikings lost to the New Orleans Saints in the 2019 Wild Card Weekend, while also losing Mike Zimmer to…

The best Vikings rumors and conspiracy theories in franchise history

It’s a SKOL reddit Friday, and Mackey & Judd run through the best Vikings and rumors conspiracy theories in the franchise’s history.

Tale of the Tape: Who has the advantage between the Vikings and Cowboys?

Mackey & Judd stack up the Vikings against the Dallas Cowboys, comparing head coach, quarterback, total offense, defense and overall infrastructure. So which team has the advantage?

Part 5: Would you rather have Kirk Cousins or … ?

Mackey & Judd do the fifth installment of Kirk Cousins or … ? This time we put Cousins up against Derek Carr, Russell Wilson and Taysom Hill.

Where do the Vikings rank for quarterback play in the Super Bowl era?

Mackey & Judd recap ESPN’s article on the best and worst quarterback play from overall performance, peak performance and continuity among all 32 teams in the Super Bowl era.

Will Riley Reiff be the Vikings’ starting left tackle this season?

Eric Eager from Pro Football Focus joins Mackey & Judd to discuss what to expect from the Vikings’ offensive line in 2020. Also what role does a quarterback play in his offensive line’s success?

How Justin Jefferson’s presence in Vikings’ offense might impact Adam Thielen

Mackey & Judd discuss rookie wide receiver Justin Jefferson’s expected role in the Vikings’ offense and what type of impact that will have on Adam Thielen.

Tale of the tape: How the Vikings and Saints matchup in 2020

Mackey & Judd size up the Vikings and Saints for the 2020 NFL season. Who has the better quarterback, coach, defense and overall infrastructure?

Does Gary Kubiak’s presence help or hurt Dalvin Cook’s attempt to get a rich deal?

Vikings offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak praised Dalvin Cook on a Zoom call last week, but he’s also known for his ability to turn a variety of players into 1,000-yard rushers. So is Kubiak’s presence a…

Is Kirk Cousins a Top 10 quarterback? NFL QB rankings 1-32

Mackey & Judd both rank NFL quarterbacks from one to 32. Where does Kirk Cousins fall for each of them? You might be surprised by the answer.

Are the Vikings the best sports franchise to never win a championship?

Mackey & Judd try to figure out if the Vikings are the best franchise of the four major sports leagues in North America to not win a championship.

Pecking Order: Mackey’s most underrated Vikings of all-time

Mackey does a pecking order of his most underrated Vikings players of all-time with a big surprise at No. 1

Is there another level to Kirk Cousins’ game?

Mackey & Judd review Chris Simms’ NFL quarterback rankings with Kirk Cousins rated 13th out of 40. Is there another level to Cousins’ game or has he peaked?

Part 4: Would you rather have Kirk Cousins or … ?

Mackey & Judd run through another edition of Kirk Cousins or …? This episode’s candidates are Carson Wentz, Daniel Jones and Jared Goff.

Purple Daily Tale of the Tape: Would you rather have the Vikings or Lions?

Mackey & Judd run through their final head-to-head matchups in the NFC North and compare the Vikings to the Detroit Lions.

Declan’s 3 bold takes for the Vikings includes a doozy for Kirk Cousins

In the final edition of three bold takes with Mackey & Judd, producer Declan gives his three predictions for the Vikings in the 2020 season. You won’t want to miss the last one.

Purple Daily Tale of the Tape: Would you rather have the Vikings or Packers?

In their second installment sizing up the Vikings against the rest of NFC North, Mackey & Judd compare the Vikings to the Green Bay Packers.

Alternate Reality: What if Brett Favre doesn’t come back to the Vikings in 2010?

Mackey & Judd go down an alternate reality path of what if Brett Favre hadn’t returned to the Vikings for the 2010 season? What would that have meant for Brad Childress and would the Vikings…

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