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Purple Daily: The Free Agency Bonanza commences

*The Vikings release Sendejo, to little surprise *Why haven’t the Vikings discussed a restructure with Rudolph? *Did the Raiders make out like bandits in the AB deal?

Purple Daily: Where Zimmer deserves credit/Myron on Casserly & Murray

*Myron Medcalf on Zimmer: He deserves credit for not sticking with Keenum *How could Charley Casserly’s comments on Kyler Murray effect other players? *Myron: If Ed Oliver falls to the Vikings at 18, they have…

Purple Daily: Balancing free agency vs. the draft/How do you make Cousins better?

*Weighing free agency targets vs. the draft *The expectation of Kirk Cousins; Coller on how you can make him better *Could the Vikings look at safety in free agency? *Why mobile offensive linemen are needed

Purple Daily: How many pieces can the Vikings afford to lose?

*How badly do the Vikings need Sheldon Richardson back? *Judd on why thinking of trading for Rosen isn’t a stupid idea *What changes are the Vikings going to make on the offensive line?

Purple Daily: Trading for Rosen/How to replace Anthony Barr

Hour 1: *Coller and Cronin on drafting OL, Rudolph’s future, what to do with Everson Griffen *Brandon Thorn on O-line options for Vikings in draft and free agency *Should the Vikings trade for Josh Rosen?…

Purple Daily: Cronin with Combine takeaways/Top FA options for Vikings

*Courtney Cronin has takeaways from the Combine what what the Vikings can address in the draft *Should the Vikings hire a kickers coach? How much of a difference could it make? *Ramie & Manny discuss…

Purple Daily: Does Zimmer need to take more responsibility?

*Myron Medcalf on Zimmer: “I’m waiting for him to say ‘it’s on me’” *Matthew Coller on Zimmer at Combine & Kyler Murray

Purple Daily: Zimmer speaks at combine

*Coller and Judd talk with Jon Ledyard on who the Vikings will take in April’s draft *Mike Zimmer’s comments at the Combine; something doesn’t add up *Jason Witten is headed back to Dallas

Sage at the Combine: Tom Pelissero, Alex Marvez and more talk Vikings

Former NFL quarterback Sage Rosenfels is reporting for SKOR North from Indy during this week’s NFL Combine events. Listen to his interviews below: Sage talks about Rick Spielman’s comments and QBs Tom Pelissero, NFL Network…

Purple Daily: Zimmer’s 2020 option picked up/Spielman speaks at combine

*Sage Rosenfels has notes from the NFL Combine, and thoughts on Zimmer’s option being picked up *Matthew Coller on why he’s not in Indy, Zimmer’s option and Kubiak’s offense *Should Latavius Murray be brought back?

PURPLE PODCAST: Sage Rosenfels, Courtney Cronin on what Vikings should look for at NFL Combine!

* Matthew Coller talks with Courtney Cronin and Sage Rosenfels about what Vikings fans should watch closely at the NFL Combine. * Should the Vikings have their eyes on QBs? * What about No. 3…

Purple Daily: Sage at the Combine/The All QB Draft

Hour 1: *Matthew Coller talks with Sage Rosenfels, who’s at the NFL Draft Combine in Indy *More Kyler Murray discussion; Should his size really be a concern? Hour 2: *Matthew Coller, Phil Mackey, Judd Zulgad,…

Purple Daily: Position by position; Running backs

*Ramie and Manny analyze the running back position for the Vikings *More Antonio Brown talk: Steelers will only trade to NFC team *Arif Hassan talks combine measurements/what the Vikings could look for

Purple Daily: The Kraft news steals the day

*Myron Medcalf and Manny Hill discuss the Robert Kraft story *Can the Vikings avoid the Steelers dysfunction? *Russell Wilson’s contract talks; Should he expect more than Cousins?

Purple Daily: Freeing up cap space for the Vikings

*Ramie and Manny put their offseason GM hats on: Who do the Vikings move on from? *Matthew Coller talks new coaching staff *Adam Thielen wants a new contract, but should he get one?

Purple Daily: Thielen contract talks/Vikings strength of schedule in 2019

*What’s a fair contract for Adam Thielen? *3rd WR options NOT named Antonio Brown *Thoughts on the Vikings strength of schedule *Todd Gurley was more hurt than we thought

Diving into a new book on the Chicago Bears’ offense (ep 433)

Author and high school football coach Bobby Peters discusses his new book the “2018 Chicago Bears Complete Offensive Manual” with Matthew Coller. – What can the Vikings take away from the Bears’ success? – What…

Purple Daily: Thielen’s agent talks new contract

Hour 1: *Coller makes more of a case for the Vikings to trade for AB *Blake Baratz, Adam Thielen’s agent, discusses desire for a new contract Hour 2: *Charles Oakley calls out Kirk Cousins on…

Purple Podcast: Why the Vikings should trade for Antonio Brown (ep. 431)

This episode is from Matthew Coller’s new show, “SKOR North Live,” which you can search + subscribe to on, Apple Podcasts or anywhere you find your favorite podcasts. * Coller chats with Andrew Fillipponi…

Purple Daily: Judd says no on Antonio Brown

*Why bringing back Sheldon Richardson should not be priority number 1 *5 offseason moves for the Vikings *Judd says no on Antonio Brown to Vikings idea

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