The Great Outdoors


11/13 – Dean Sprague and Carroll Henderson

Dean Sprague from Endless Country Foods to talk about getting your venison sausage and former DNR non-game program supervisor Carroll Hendersen talks about making the change away from lead.

11/6 – Craig Engwall and Ben Schierer

Craig Engwall, Executive Director of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association and Mayor Ben Schierer.

Ted Dick talks ruffed grouse/Barbara Keller on big game hunting

Dennis Anderson and Jess Myers are joined by Ruffed Grouse expert Ted Dick of the Minnesota DNR. Later, new DNR Big Game Program Leader Barbara Keller joins with deer hunting season just around the corner.

Rachel Germain talks bear hunting and wolves

Dennis Anderson and Jess Myers talk with Rachel Germain of Somerset, WI about bear hunting, and dealing with wolves. Later, Dennis and Jess look ahead to the upcoming hunting seasons, as the deer season is…

Steve Cordts talks hunting ducks/John Reynolds on Trapping laws

Dennis Anderson and Jess Myers talk with Steve Cordts of the DNR about duck hunting and more. Later they chat with John Reynolds of Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping about trapping laws in Minnesota.

Talking pheasant hunting ahead of the Govnernor’s Pheasant Opener

Dennis and Jess talk pheasant hunting with guests Bob St. Pierre of Pheasants Forever, and Nicole Davros of the Minnesota DNR!

Duck & deer hunting/Talking caribou with Ken Whitten

Dennis & Jess talk about the upcoming deer and duck hunting seasons, and then talk caribou with retired research biologist Ken Whitten of Fairbanks, Alaska!

9/25: Talking all things ducks and loons

Dennis Anderson and Jess Myers talk with Leah Heggerston from Crosslake, MN and the National Loon Center. Later they’re joined by duck expert Doug Lodermeier.

9/18 – Jon Schneider and John Devney

Jon Schneider from Ducks Unlimited and John Devney of Delta Waterfall in Bismarck join the show.

Bill Marchel talks grouse season

Dennis and Jess are joined by Jess’ son Noah to talk all things hunting and the outdoors. Later, wildlife photographer Bill Marchel joins to talk grouse hunting and more!

9/5 – Bells Brewery

Larry Bell from Bell’s Brewery joins the show.

9/4 – Scott Rall and Steve Cordts

Scott Rall talks to the guys about the pheasant report and Steve Cordts talks water fowl.

8/28 – Barbara Keller

Barbara Keller from the DNR joins Dennis and Jess.

8/7: Tom Heinrich, Jared Wickland and Craig Enwall

Tom Heinrick of the DNR and Hared Wickland and Craig Enwall join Jess and Dan.

7/31 – Game Fair and Musky History

Dennis is joined by Chuck Delaney from Game Fair and Larry Ramsell to talk musky history

7/24 – Julia Schrenkler and Charlotte Roy

Julia Schrenkler talks about the DNR’s “Becoming an Outdoorswoman” program then Charlotte Roy from the DNR talks grouse numbers

Tony Jones talks canoeing and more!

Dennis and Jess talk with writer and outdoorsman Tony Jones about all things outdoors!

7/10 – Tim Lepard and Will Steiger

Tim Lepard, cowboy monkey trainer, joins the show. Then Will Steger discusses his amazing journey.

Boat safety/Rodeo discussion/Wolves

*Dennis and Jess talk with DNR Conservation Officer Jim Guida on boat safety *Cody Huber joins to talk about the upcoming Hamel Rodeo *Gabe Lagarde of the Brainerd Dispatch joins to talk about a hearing…

6/26 – Carol Henderson

Carol Henderson, retired DNR, joins the show.

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