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Why the Vikings can beat the 49ers

Judd welcomes two guests in studio, Nick and Graig in studio to talk Vikings-49ers and why Minnesota can pull off another upset in the NFC Playoffs.

Can the Vikings slow down the 49ers?

Judd Zulgad takes calls from Vikings can on their thoughts on slowing down the 49ers. And what to expect from Kirk Cousins after his first playoff win?

Confidence and concerns heading into San Francisco

Judd Zulgad takes calls from his Vikings Vent Line Coffee Club on their confidence level and concerns heading into the divisional round against the 49ers.

Time to move on to San Francisco

Judd and Declan ask listeners and members of the Vikings Coffee Club if it’s time to move on from the Saints loss and to focus on the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round.

More reaction to the Vikings win in the Superdome

Judd Zulgad & Manny Hill take more of your phone calls and reactions to the Vikings Wild Card victory over the New Orleans Saints. – Is it time to give Kirk Cousins his due? –…

You like that? Vikings beat Saints on Wild Card Sunday

Mackey and Judd break down Minnesota’s 26-20 OT win over New Orleans and field calls from listeners.

Is there real steam to the Zimmer/Cowboys rumors?

*Could Mike Zimmer be headed to Dallas? Judd Zulgad & Manny Hill discuss the speculation that the Cowboys could trade for the Vikings head coach if things don’t go well on Sunday. *Do the Vikings…

Why a loss in New Orleans is not a forgone conclusion, and what a loss could mean.

*What does Sunday’s game mean for the narrative surrounding Kirk Cousins & Mike Zimmer? Judd & Manny both say that a lot is hanging in the balance. *What did Cam Jordan have to say about…

Should the Vikings make changes if they lose Sunday?

*Would the vikings make major changes if they lose on Sunday against the Saints? Judd, Danny & Manny take your calls and speculate on what could happen if the Vikings season ends this weekend.

Do the Vikings have a shot against the Saints?

*Did the Vikings draw the short end of the stick by getting the Saints in Wild Card Weekend? *Is there a path to the Vikings being able to win in New Orleans? *What happens if…

Vikings post Xmas thoughts: Keeping or returning?

*If you had a chance to keep or return the Kirk Cousins contract, what would you do? Judd, Danny & Manny discuss. *Also, would you keep or return the idea of giving Dalvin Cook an…

More reaction from loss to Packers: Does Cousins just not have it?

*The Vikings offense laid an egg at home against the Packers. Does, Kirk Cousins just not have it? Judd & Danny discuss. *Bob in Pennsylvania on Cousins: “He has no poise!” *John in Manhattan’s fiance:…

Vent Line: Vikings suffer embarrassing loss to Packers (Week 16)

Phil Mackey and Manny Hill take calls from angry Vikings fans after a blow-out loss to the Green Bay Packers. This was one of the worst losses of the Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins eras.

Vikings have a legit shot at the 5-seed, will these next 3 games determine Cousins’ future?

*The Vikings could end up as the 5-seed: How would they matchup against the Cowboys or Eagles? Would that game be loser-proof? *Should Kirk Cousins get an extension regardless of this season’s outcome? *Richard in…

Do the Packers scare you? More Vikings “What if”

*Judd, Danny & Manny have more reason why Dalvin Cook shouldn’t play on Monday night *Do the Packers scare you? Judd isn’t too concerned about them. *More “What if” with Vikings football

Playing “What if” for Vikings football of this decade

Judd, Danny & Manny play a game of “What if” with the Vikings on events of the last decade, including what if the Vikings hadn’t beaten Washington on Christmas Eve in 2011, and what if…

Kendricks/Cousins Pro Bowl snubs/Will Danielle Hunter want to get paid more?

*Judd, Danny & Manny vent about Eric Kendricks getting snubbed from the Pro Bowl. Judd says to just get rid of the whole thing. *Does Danielle Hunter have the biggest bargain contract in the NFL?…

Are the Saints the scariest potential playoff opponent for the Vikings?

*Judd wants no parts of the Vikings having to play the Saints in New Orleans on Wild Card Weekend, and he tells you why. *Did Mike Zimmer admit to benching Xavier Rhodes? *NFC Power Rankings:…

Did the win over the Chargers show that the Vikings can go on a deep run?

*Dave in Upstate New York: “This doesn’t feel like a 10-4 team…” *Judd: “There’s a case to be made for Dalvin Cook to be shut down for these last two games” *Danny: “I think week…

Friday Forecast: Projecting what Sunday in LA will entail

*Judd, Danny & Manny project who they believe will shine on Sunday in a Vikings win, and also who could be the detriment if they lose. Callers John in Manhattan & Dave in South Carolina…

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