Crafty Rogues: A delicious irony to all of it (ep. 122)

The holiday season is in full swing but we’re not to the point yet of games, seemingly, every other day which gave John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn just enough time to sit down a talk about the last week of football, as well as share a pint or two.

Not sure if you’ve heard but Jose Mourinho was sacked at Manchester United but we discuss that bit of news along with the recent rash of Carabao Cup matches, the big Everton/Man City match, and the even bigger Liverpool/Man United match at the weekend.

The guys also answer your emails, John talks presents in his Just Be Cos, we debut Jonathan’s new segment, and we wrap with a look at the top Christmas movies as well as a look at the Women’s World Cup Draw.

That and much more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!