Crafty Rogues: At what cost do you sell your soul? (ep. 126)

New branding (SKOR North), new opener (Cosgrove & Quinno don’t know what it sounds like), new equipment (one set of headphones doesn’t work) it’s all going swimmingly for the boys this week.

The boys are both back this week despite both being in Phoenix at some point since we last recorded. We jump right into the action talking about the latest round of Premier League play including Manchester United’s sixth win on the bounce, John calling Wagner out, and Rafa’s troubling Newcastle quote. We then get John’s predictions about this weekends games before moving onto discussing the FA & EFL Cups

The bold predictions stop but the bold opinions don’t in the letters segment where Cosgrove answers your emails. Quinno steps back a bit in the Just Be Cos segment to let John get something off his chest. Producer Jonathan jumps in for his big Football Update segment. We wrap the show today with the return of Your Choice.

All that and much more on this week’s edition of The Crafty Rogues!

John’s Predictions for the Weekend:
Wolves 2-1 Leicester
Bournemouth 1-0 West Ham
Liverpool 1-0 Crystal Palace
Manchester United 1-0 Brighton
Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff
Southampton 1-1 Everton
Watford 1-1 Burnley
Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea
Huddersfield 0-6 Manchester City
Fulham 1-0 Tottenham