Crafty Rogues: Not getting the tasty nod from us (ep.127)

A leaky basement didn’t stop John from coming and recording so what’s your excuse for not having already listened to this edition of The Crafty Rogues?! Get on with it already!

The boys open the show discussing John’s new style of intro that threw Quinno off a bit before having a brief conversation about John’s bathroom breaking down. They then jump into a review of the Premier League including the mounting pressure on Puel, Salah irritating John, and whether Ranieri was a bad appointment at Fulham. The EFL cup action gets a brief mention, it was a 10-0 aggregate a brief mention is all it’s going to get. We then get John’s predictions on the FA Cup Fourth Round action as well as the midweek Premier League action coming up.

In the letters portion of the show the boys break down the NFL action at the weekend, yes that did happen, whether Poch could get frustrated enough to leave for United, and John’s feelings about Sarri taking verbal swings at his players. John then has his Just Be Cos segment and Producer Jonathan steps in with his big football update segment. We close the show talking about racism in football and have a quick look around the lower leagues in England.

All that and much more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!

John’s Premier League Predictions:
Arsenal 4-1 Cardiff
Fulham 1-0 Brighton
Huddersfield 0-2 Everton
Wolves 2-1 West Ham
Manchester United 1-0 Burnley
Newcastle 0-1 Manchester City
Bournemouth 1-1 Chelsea
Southampton 0-0 Crystal Palace
Liverpool 2-1 Leicester
Tottenham 1-1 Watford