It’s a two team race for the NFC North. Picking apart the bad coaching decisions from the weekend.

It was a weekend without Vikings football but it still did give us a plethora of terrible coaching decisions to break down and the NFC North is now a two team race.

Sage Rosenfels joins Matthew Coller for the first hour and we open discussing what Matt Nagy was doing yesterday (1:00). Coller and Sage then discuss how to handle the Jayron Kearse situation and Sage’s story of the FBI and the NFL (24:00). We close the hour with Sage discussing which team he favors to win the NFC North (37:00).

The second hour begins with Coller being joined by The Athletic’s Chad Graff to talk to discuss how the Vikings handle the Jayron Kearse situation and a look forward to the rest of the season (48:00). Phil Mackey comes in for some Monday Hot Routez (66:00). Coller closes the hour discussing some of the trades that have taken place and whether he sees the Vikings making any trades as the Trade Deadline approaches tomorrow (90:00).

In case you missed today’s show and can only listen to one segment take a listen to the final segment of today’s first hour where Matthew Coller and Sage Rosenfels discussed who the favorite is for the NFC North now that it’s a race between the Vikings and the Packers.