How big is this Vikings game this weekend? Plus, Gophers football talk with Daniel House.

It’s our final day of analysis of this weekend’s big Vikings game but we’re not limiting our football talk to just the professional level, we’re talking some college ball as well with the Gophers set for a big game as well.

Brian Murphy joined Matthew Coller for the first hour to talk about just how big this weekend’s Vikings game is (1:00). We’re then joined by PFF’s Eric Eager to discuss what the analytics say about this weekend’s game (28:00).

ESPN’s Myron Medcalf comes in for Murphy for Hour Two today to talk about what the Vikings need to do to beat the Cowboys this weekend (52:00). We dive into a little college football talk as we’re joined by Daniel House to discuss the big Gophers/Penn St. game (76:00). Coller and Medcalf close the week discussing who has the advantage between the Vikings and the Cowboys (87:00).

In case you missed today’s Purple Daily and can listen to just one segment of today’s show listen to the second segment where Matthew Coller and Brian Murphy were joined by PFF’s Eric Eager to discuss the analytics of this weekend’s Cowboys/Vikings game.