Where do the Vikings stand in the NFC? ESPN’s Bill Barnwell on the Vikings offense and the battle for the NFC.

How much of a chance do the Vikings have of competing for the NFC? Coller, Courtney Cronin, and ESPN’s Bill Barnwell discuss that on today’s Purple Daily.

We open the show discussing where the Vikings rank in the NFC after last night’s Seattle win and Courntey picks the remaining Vikings schedule (1:00). ESPN’s Bill Barnwell joins to help us close out the first hour discussing the Vikings’ chances in the NFC and, uh, Bagel Bites (25:00).

Former Vikings lineman Alex Boone then comes in for Hour Two and we open up talking about the formula for success for the Vikings going forward (51:00). We close out today’s show discussing how to fix the Vikings pass defense (75:00) and handing out neck rolls (90:00).

In case you missed today’s Purple Daily and can only listen to one segment listen to the second segment when ESPN’s Bill Barnwell joined Matthew Coller and Courtney Cronin to discuss the Vikings chances in the NFC and bagel bites.