Mackey & Judd

The complicated interpretation of the U.S. flag and a Scoop with Doogie

  • Mackey & Judd open the show by reacting to Eric Kendricks’ comments on what we need to do better as a society.
  • (09:00) Saints quarterback Drew Brees’ tone-deaf comments.
  • (22:00) Declan’s brother Liam, who’s a veteran of the United States Air Force, gives his thoughts on what Brees had to say (before his apology) and tells us what  the United States flag means to him.
  • (33:10) A Scoop with Doogie includes updates on the Vikings, Timberwolves and what Minnesota hockey player can’t wait to get back to work.
  • (43:00) When sports do return, how will we (and you) select what to watch?