Miguel Sano’s second procedure could keep him out until May, Twins say

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Miguel Sano flew to the Twins Cities to have another debridement procedure on his lower right achilles in an attempt to accelerate and ensure proper healing, Twins CBO Derek Falvey said. The procedure to clean the wound was performed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

The second procedure will cost Sano the start of the season, Falvey said, and could keep Sano off a Major League field until May. Falvey said the Twins are hopeful that Sano will return to baseball activities by mid-April.

Falvey said that team doctors continued to evaluate the healing of Sano’s wound, and that in recent days the healing had stagnated. One way to address that plateau is to clean out the area and stitch it together to allow the skin around the wound to heal in a natural formation.

“The expectation here is he’ll have a week down, where he can’t really do a ton of movement, it’s more hard splint, then he’ll go back more into the boot style for another week,” Falvey said. “Then he has another week of catching up with some movement stuff but won’t be out of that boot and doing any activity until we get to April. So, he’s out the picture right now for Opening Day.”

Sano will remain at Mayo for a few days to monitor and address the wound, Falvey said. Once he returns to Florida, the Twins likely will keep him in an immobilizing boot, like he’d been wearing throughout spring training. That prevents the skin from stretching due to the stresses enacted on the area — even with seemingly simple tasks like walking.

He originally injured his right heel in a bit of a fluke incident. In the aftermath of the celebration with his winter league team, another person apparently slipped and knocked down Sano, who cut himself on the back of his heel. Sano has worn a soft cast boot to protect the wound on his heel since the early days of Twins camp.

The Twins said early in camp that they were just being cautious and would re-evaluated Sano in Week 2. That time came around and they were not ready to get Sano into baseball activities, so they decided to stay the course with the protective “boot.”

“He has a laceration on his right heel,” GM Thad Levine told SKOR North early in spring training. “It’s just an area that’s tough to heal because the skin’s thin and every time you move it kind of stretches it. So we’re going to be a little bit conservative on the front end of camp to try to get him 100% and to get that wound healed.”