Twins Gchat: What was the best offseason move for the Twins?

@DerekWetmore: All right, how about this? Give me a nominee and make a quick case. Don’t write a research paper and study/edit/delete 5 times before sending. Let’s just talk through the candidates.

What was the Twins’ best move of the offseason?

I’ll start: I know he’s had to rough outings lately, but it’s hard to ignore the contributions Martín Pérez has made for the Twins. Jake Odorizzi might be your best starter, stats-wise, right now. But he obviously came over last year and then just got a lot better this season. Martín Pérez is a totally different case, where he was basically cast off and then landed with the Twins and blasted off. If he can right the ship his next time out and this is a good season for him, that’s a great sign of things to come from the Twins under Derek Falvey, Wes Johnson and that whole pitching group.

@PhilMackey: I started typing Martin Perez’s name, but then I watched him get shelled by the Indians this week, so….. I’ll go with Nelson Cruz. I know he missed time with an injury, but he brings a certain presence and credibility factor to this lineup with his bombs and leadership. I think it’s important to have good players — but also good players who have reference points on winning teams. Nelson Cruz checks those boxes.

DW: Marwin Gonzalez would be an interesting answer, too. Certainly not lighting it up offensively like some — well, all — of his teammates. But his ability to step in and play third base for 6 weeks while Miguel Sano was out is a real plus in my book. Now you’re going to see him play a new position every night. He basically ensures that you’re not going to have a huge drop-off to a replacement-level (or worse) player in the case of injury or absence. He can’t do anything about Mitch Garver being hurt, but when Cruz or Sano go down, he’s there to help stem to drop-off.

PM: Plus, his name is Marwin. That’s just an awesome name. The funny thing about this conversation is we just named three guys before getting to someone who has 11 HRs, 31 RBIs and a .820 OPS — Jonathan Schoop. Let’s just say it was a prettay, prettay, prettayyyyy productive offseason for the Twins.

DW: C.J. Cron has been nice as a replacement for Joe Mauer. Have to throw Wes Johnson’s name on this list, right? Do you add Rocco Baldelli and his group to this list?

Yeah, roster-wise at least I’d say the front office was just aces on the medium-sized moves, and they’ve set themselves up nicely for the big move in the future.

PM: Too bad none of this matters because they whiffed on Kimbrel…

DW: You’re brutal. Just stirring the pot at this point.

Wetmore: Let’s not pretend it was Kimbrel-or-Bust for the first-place Twins