Twins Gchat: Who do you trust with a bat in his hand with the game on the line?

@DerekWetmore: This team has a bunch of guys who come through in the CLUTCH situations, and Max Kepler is the most recent standout example — he of the 17-inning walkoff fame. I don’t want numbers to answer this question I want to know the feeling: Which Twins hitter gives you the most confidence right now to come through in a big spot?

@JZulgad: I’d like to say Jorge Polanco but I’m afraid he’d bunt. I’m going to go with your favorite player, Mitch Garver. Garver has had some key hits this year, including the two run homer to beat Kansas City two weeks ago. He brings a professional approach to the plate (as does much of this lineup) that makes you feel comfortable. So I’m going to steal Garver before you can use him!

DW: Totally far. But that’d be *Future All-Star Mitch Garver to you, sir. I like that pick. He never seems rattled, even late into 6-hour games. His swing and approach are just so advanced for a player that doesn’t have very much MLB experience.

I think a lot of people would say Rosario has that big-moment feeling. You trust him in those spots? I have two others for you but I want to get the room’s take on Rosie.

JZ: When it comes to Rosario, I’ll take him in the situations in which we’re talking about depending upon the week. Eddie has been up-and-down this season and so I want to know which Rosario I’m getting. If he’s on one of those hot stretches, Rosario can hit almost any pitch in any situation.

DW: I feel like Max Kepler is at the top of this list for a lot of people. No argument there, right? Nelson Cruz because he’s #BeenThere and still is productive at 38. And on Saturday C.J Cron came through in two big spots.

I’m starting to sense a pattern here….

JZ: Absolutely, it’s why when Miguel Sano was going as bad as he was before hitting home runs in recent games, that it’s difficult to watch.

I think it’s fair to say this lineup gives you a lot of professional at-bats. That doesn’t mean perfect and there are times when a guy like Rosario will swing at anything he’s thrown. But there are a lot of good choices for this question.

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