LaTroy Hawkins after Mike Fiers spoke up: ‘It just didn’t feel right to me’

LaTroy Hawkins doesn’t seem to like the way that the latest Astros cheating scandal first came to public light, and he isn’t too shy to share his opinion.

“If you had integrity, why didn’t you talk about it while it happened?” Hawkins said, according to a story published by Bob Nightengale at USA Today. Hawkins’ comments echo a similar version of what Jessica Mendoza — a Mets employee and ESPN broadcaster — said this week in response to the latest round of allegations against the 2017 World Series champs.

Hawkins pitched 21 years in the big leagues, including nine with the Twins, and he has such a great mind for the game that once he finally retired, the Twins snapped him up in an advisory role. In recent years he’s helped the Twins in spring training, in the minor leagues, with the draft process, recruiting in free agency, in trades, and recently he’s expanded his role into the TV broadcast booth.

The Twins’ special assistant seemed to take great exception with Mike Fiers exposing the Astros’ cheating scandal.

“I played in the steroid era, I wasn’t complaining what some of those guys were doing,’’ Hawkins said, according to USA Today. “Why are so many people upset? I look at it this way, everybody is trying to do something to gain an advantage. They had the opportunity to use technology. They did. And got caught.

“Did they take it too far? Sure. People lost their jobs. Some people might have lost their careers. Major League Baseball did a good job sending a message to the rest of the league that it would not be tolerated. They dropped the hammer.’’

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According to Hawkins, he’s less than thrilled with the way the story came to the public’s attention.

“I wish Fiers would have done it when he was on the Astros and not when he left,’’ Hawkins said in the post. “That would have more integrity. You win a World Series with them, go away and now you talk about it? If you had integrity, why didn’t you talk about it while it happened?”

“Man, if you want to discuss that with your teammates saying they may be doing something, here’s how we negate that, that’s fine. But to talk to the media about it. It just didn’t feel right to me. I’m different. I grew up in the inner city. You don’t go around snitching on people.”

“You got your ring and playoff check, and now you’re going to drop the dime on guys that were supposed to be your friends. I don’t work like that.”

Photo credit: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster