Director of MLB Players Union wants Mookie Betts trade(s) resolved ‘Without further delay’

The Executive Director of the MLB Players Association is not happy about how the Dodgers-Red Sox-Twins trade has dragged out in public as the agreement hit a skid.

Here’s a written statement from Tony Clark posted Friday:

“The proposed trades between the Dodgers, Red Sox, Twins, and Angels need to be resolved without further delay. The events of this last week have unfairly put several players’ lives in a state of limbo. The unethical leaking of medical information … serves as a continued reminder that too often players are treated as commodities by those running the game.”

Imagine being Brusdar Graterol. And picture the tough spot he now finds himself in. One day he’s being reported as a key piece to this blockbuster trade involving at least 10 players on 4 different clubs. Within 48 hours he’s being reported as a hang-up between the sides, because the Red Sox found something they didn’t like in his medical records.

Now what? Now he either goes to Boston, and his new bosses were reportedly not too high on his future outlook — so averse that they reportedly wanted another top-10 prospect from the Twins in the deal. Or the other option here is that he stays in Minnesota, and that’s a whole level of awkward on its own.

Clark is right in this case. Let’s get a move on here. Spring training starts next week. And now we have another negative story line taking over the baseball news cycle. As if MLB needed one more of those right now. The Red Sox don’t exactly come out smelling like roses on this one.

Report: Red Sox want Twins to throw in another top-10 prospect, plus Brusdar Graterol