Report: Red Sox want Twins to throw in another top-10 prospect, plus Brusdar Graterol

The Mookie Betts megadeal might not be dead but it definitely doesn’t feel the same as it did earlier this week when we first read the initial reports.

After reportedly getting wary when they reviewed the medical information, the Boston Red Sox are seeking additional compensation from the Twins’ part of the 3-team trade. The hangup, reportedly, was when the Red Sox decided the Brusdar Graterol, the well-regarded Twins prospect, would be a reliever and not a starting pitcher. So Boston apparently is looking to get more value out of the deal.

Remember: the Twins’ involvement here was taking Kenta Maeda for a top pitching prospect, which seemed to satisfy Boston’s needs in trading away Mookie Betts and David Price. Now, that’s unsure to happen, according to the latest reports.

It’s a bad look for the Red Sox, in my opinion. I get why they’d trade Mookie Betts, even though I don’t agree with the logic. And to be so far off in your evaluation of Graterol that you’re now seeking another top-10 prospect – in addition to Graterol – looks like a bad miss for Boston.

There are a few ways that I could see this playing out, without any inside knowledge of the deal:

1. Boston relents and the deal goes down as originally reportedly. Very low probability.

2, The Dodgers could find another team to make the Maeda-for-Prospect swap. This would need to be a team in win-now mode that would like the next four years of Maeda more than a top pitching prospect’s future value. Maybe a team like the Braves? Rays? Cubs, Cardinals or Brewers? Would you include the Yankees, or would their self-interest be to keep this trade from happening?

3. The Dodgers could skip the third team aspect and throw in a strong pitching prospect of their own.

4. The Twins or Dodgers could add prospects or cash to the deal; OR Twins could change prospects, which on its own would be messy.

I’m a little surprised to learn that this late in the process, the Red Sox are asking for an additional top-10 from the Twins. If the report from Jon Heyman is true – and why wouldn’t it be? – then Boston looks backed into a corner here.