Nothing to mock: Judd takes his best shot at projecting Vikings’ 2019 schedule

Anyone who listens to “Mackey & Judd with Ramie” knows we love to mock — at least when it comes to the NFL draft. But what about a mock Vikings’ schedule? I decided to unveil my best guess for the Vikings’ 2019 schedule during the show on Tuesday.

The NFL schedule will be released at 7 p.m. on Wednesday. (As always, thanks to Chris Reuvers for coming up with this silly idea. Or maybe we shouldn’t thanks Reuvers.)

You’ll know then if I came close. Here are my week-by-week projections for the Vikings’ schedule, including the bye week.

Week 1 vs. Atlanta

Week 2 at Kansas City in a Monday night game

Week 3 vs. Chicago

Week 4 at New York Giants

Week 5 Bye week

Week 6 vs. Green Bay in a Sunday night game

Week 7 vs. Washington in a Monday night game

Week 8 at Dallas

Week 9 at Seattle in a Thursday night game

Week 10 vs. Oakland

Week 11 at Detroit

Week 12 vs. Philadelphia on Thanksgiving night

Week 13 vs. Denver

Week 14 at Chicago on Monday night game

Week 15 at Los Angeles Chargers

Week 16 vs. Detroit

Week 17 at Green Bay