NFL explains confusing pass interference call against Vikings

GREEN BAY — The Minnesota Vikings appeared to be right back in it when there was a surprising stoppage and call for review. Nobody inside Lambeau Field could figure out what was being examined following a Stefon Diggs four-yard touchdown catch that appeared to bring the Vikings within one score. Minutes later, the score was taken off the board. More confusion.

Upon review, the review found that Dalvin Cook had interfered with a Packers defender.

“Here in New York we automatically look take a look at all aspects of the play, which this year includes offensive and defensive pass interference,” senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron told a pool reporter. “After we looked at the play, we saw clear and obvious visual evidence that No. 33 [Dalvin Cook] significantly hinders the opponent while the ball is still in the air. Therefore we negate the score and call offensive pass interference here from New York and penalize them 10 yards.”

Cook said following the game he had no clue he was the one who had committed the infraction.

“On the replay I saw he got pushed, initially, and then made contact with another defender – the second defender,” Diggs said. “I ain’t the ref. I don’t call the flag but I’ve got to look at the rulebook. I don’t know.”

As to whether the referees gave an explanation beyond the announcement throughout the stadium that a player “was blocking,” Diggs said the players were not told why the touchdown was negated.

“No, they didn’t say s—,” Diggs said. “We just had to eat it. And you know how the rest happened.”

Diggs was called for another offensive pass interference on a play that could have given the Vikings a chance to score again before halftime. Instead they ran out the clock and went into the locker room. He was later penalized after scoring a 45-yard touchdown for taking off his helmet.

“I just feel like, you saw how the game was going,” Diggs said. “I ain’t saying no names. I feel like they’re the people wearing black and white. I’m not saying no names. You saw how it was going. I had an early situation with the PI… you all saw what happened.”

Adam Thielen was also called for an offensive pass interference on a long pass into the end zone by Kirk Cousins.

:Just trying to make a play on the ball, that stuff happens,” Thielen said. “Obviously you don’t want to have a PI on you but trying to make a play on the ball and you have to do what you have to do.”