Diggs on absence and fine: ‘I should have communicated better’

Stefon Diggs only had three receptions for 44 yards in the Minnesota Vikings win over the New York Giants on Sunday but he was smiling in the locker room as he answered questions about the $200,000 fine he incurred for skipping practice this week.

“Very, very steep. It is accurate but at the same time being a part of this team now I should have communicated better,” Diggs said. “I’m always taking accountability, that’s the kind of man I am. So at the end of the day, I take accountability, I take everything that comes with it and as far as it being steep that will be your conversation.”

The Vikings star receiver said he was sick early in the week. However, reports from multiple outlets including ESPN, the Star Tribune and NFL Network all cited Diggs’ frustration with the team’s offense following a loss in Chicago as his reason for missing practice.

“With rumors and how they are said, I said there’s truth to all rumors and for everything that’s going on, I can’t focus on it, that’s not something I can really participate,” Diggs said. “That’s why I said no comment and, of course like right now, after the game, we just had a huge win … I’m just more focused on that team effort and that team win.”

The Vikings passing game, which entered 31st in the NFL in total yards, put up 306 through the air, including 130 to Diggs’ cohort Adam Thielen. The focus on Thielen as the team’s star was cited by NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport as one of the reasons for Diggs’ unhappiness.

“As far as like a narrative being built as far as anything outside of I’ve been a team guy,” Diggs said. “Since I’ve been here, I always celebrate with my teammates, I’m always happy for them, I’m always encouraging them. … For me that’s just part of me being me. I don’t have to be nobody but be myself. I’m not trying to prove a point to nobody.”

Teams around the league reportedly called to see if Diggs would be on the table for a trade and they were turned away by the Vikings’ brass. Diggs, who had over 100 receptions in 2018, said he wants to be in Minnesota.