ESPN offseason machine includes Bridgewater-to-Vikings scenario

Ah, reckless speculation.

On Monday ESPN released an offseason mega project that takes the top eight free agents and goes through the various dominoes that would fall if a player lands with a certain team.


The Chargers announced that Philip Rivers will not be returning to Los Angeles this year. In the ESPN prediction generator, Rivers signing with the Indianapolis Colts would set off a set of moves that send Kirk Cousins to L.A. and land Teddy Bridgewater back with the Minnesota Vikings.

Why would this be included in the possible outcomes with Cousins coming off a season in which he set a career high in passer rating and went to the Pro Bowl? Because the Vikings’ QB is entering the final year of his three-year contract and there is a chance that either the team doesn’t want to go forward with him or that he wants to play elsewhere. Cousins would have to agree to wave his no-trade clause in order to be moved.

Los Angeles will be looking for a huge splash at QB because they are set to move into a new stadium. Scoring Cousins would breathe new life into an organization that’s on the downside at the moment.

On the Bridgewater end, he might find it hard to land a rock-solid starting job and there has never been a bigger Bridgewater fan than Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer. Signing Bridgewater at a reduced price would give Minnesota an opportunity to restock the cupboard with talent from the free agent market as they continue to be in win-now mode. It would also give them their long-term answer and an end to uncertainty at the position.

A move like this, however, would come along with a ton of risk. Bridgewater went 5-0 as a starter for the Saints but the long-term health of his knee is still worth considering.

This potential outcome seems very much pie-in-the-sky and will certainly make some Vikings fans sad on a Monday as they reflect on all the what-ifs surrounding Bridgewater’s injury in 2016. But with this franchise, the one that once acquired Brett Favre — we can always place things under the, “You Never Know” category.