Mackey & Judd

Why Nelson Cruz is the best Twins player we’ve ever seen and baseball’s dumb unwritten rules

  • Mackey & Judd break down another Twins win and try to figure out the team’s bullpen usage.
  • (07:00) Is Nelson Cruz the best Twins player we’ve seen?
  • (17:30) Eddie Rosario’s defense is improving and helped the Twins win the past two games. So what happened?
  • (28:00) The debut of a new segment called “Down with the Old Guard.” We focus on Fernando Tatis Jr. feeling the need to apologize for hitting a grand slam on a 3-0 pitch.
  • (49:50) The most important Vikings talker of the day.
  • (55:00) Old Tweets Exposed.
  • (1:03:50) Wrap with Reusse!