Kevin Garnett says Glen Taylor “doesn’t know (expletive) about basketball.”

Kevin Garnett never has been one to hide his feelings and the former Timberwolves star certainly didn’t attempt to sugarcoat things when it comes to Wolves owner Glen Taylor.

Garnett had a falling out with Taylor after he was traded to the Boston Celtics in 2007 and then again after being brought back to Minnesota by the late Flip Saunders in 2015. It was believed that Garnett eventually would get  piece of the Wolves franchise, but that changed when Saunders passed away in October 2015. Garnett wasn’t brought back by the Wolves after the 2015-16 season when Tom Thibodeau was hired as president of basketball operations and head coach.

Garnett, now with TNT, appeared on “Inside the NBA” on Tuesday to discuss the Jimmy Butler-Thibodeau saga in which Butler has demanded a trade but has yet to be moved.

“He’s dealing with Glen, who doesn’t know s–t about basketball,” Garnett said. ” … He knows how to make money, but he don’t know anything about basketball. I wouldn’t say that he’s the best basketball mind.”

Butler is expected to play for the Wolves in their opener on Wednesday night in San Antonio. Taylor and Butler reportedly met on Sunday with the Wolves owner agreeing to try to trade the All-Star and Butler agreeing not to be a distraction.